Guidelines to peruse with the complaint matter

Firstly, file complaint with the concerned authorities by hand if it is feasible to visit the office or by speed post, if living in a distant place or concerned person refuses to acknowledge the complaint, to keep proper record in file and online on his google drive.

In case of speed post, after three days track on postal record and keep print copy in file after docket and similarly place in drive.

In normal case, after 10 days and in urgent matter after 4 days enquire on phone or visit the office if nearby, where you file the complaint or send reminder to whom you sent complaint.

After one week of reminder, send letter to higher authority with CC to complainant authority.

After 15 days of letter to head of the department & thereafter to the concerned ministry after one month.

Then after one month put up *RTI & after completing the process of RTI, send to advocate for further necessary action.

*Refer RTI to know the complete process.