Guidelines to place news & publicity clippings

The concerned person will select the news in following heads:-

  1. Advertisement by company either S.O Gas or PLL
  2. Article by Newspaper about Parallel Marketing
  3. Article on accidental in blast of Mini cylinders
  4. Article on illegal filling
  5. Article by Govt. of India about LPG
  6. Article on Fraud cases
  7. Advertisement by fraud companies
  8. Article by competitors
  9. General Article

He will place from below to top means latest news should be on the top. He will select the clipping available in the company in folders & files as well as online & placed at our website also. He/she should segrate original & photocopies separately. Start from original copies of every head.  Thereafter he/she should take our bundle whereas most of the clipping of one category is in one folder & file cover. However, 1st he should segrate one by one on one subject. 1st select year wise, then month wise & in the last date wise & thereafter select one newspaper cutting which should be visible & thereafter keep the photocopies of each clipping separately.