Leave Rules

  1. Leave of any kind except sick leave (supported by Medical Certificate issued by the Physician of ESI/Dispensary/Hospital) cannot be claimed as right.
  2. In case of exigencies of services, Competent Authority can refuse sanctioning leave & can also recall the employee during leave to duty.
  3. An employee under training up to one month is not eligible for any leave.
  4. During probation after one month training, an employee will be eligible for casual and sick leave on pro-rata basis.
  5. Subject to above general restriction, an employee will be eligible for the following types of leaves:-
    1. Casual Leave
    2. Sick Leave
    3. Privilege Leave
    4. Compensatory Leave
    5. Extra ordinary Leave
Sanctioning Authority: Concerned Reporting Officer
  1. Casual Leave is intended to meet unforeseen circumstances.
  2. An employee will be eligible for Casual Leave for 6 days in a year with pay.
  3. Casual Leave not availed in a year, will lapse at the end of the year.
  4. Casual Leave can be prefixed or suffixed to weekly or other holidays.
  5. Only 2 days Casual Leave can be availed at a stretch.
  6. Casual Leave can be availed in parts detailed as under:-
    Sanctioning Authority: Concerned Reporting Officer.
    To meet certain exigencies, Short Leave can be availed. The procedure for availing this leave is codified as under:-
    1. The employee will be eligible to avail Short Leave on one occasion in a month i.e. they can leave office at 4.00 p.m. instead of 6.00 p.m. This leave will not be counted, if employee takes one short leave only in a month.
    2. In case any employee applies for short-leave for more than one occasion or any other duration except 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m., it can be allowed by treating short-leave for three occasions equivalent to one day’s Casual Leave.
    3. Before applying Short-Leave, one should complete his work and, if any work remains unattended, alternate arrangements should be made. Short Leave can be allowed only after this is done.
    4. Un-availed Short Leave can be cumulative on the close of month.
  3. In exceptional circumstances, employee request for Half Day Leave can be allowed, provided employees application sanctioned in advance for second half. In case, permission for the morning portion i.e. first half is needed to be sanctioned before a day.

Sanctioning Authority: Concerned Reporting Officer.
Sick Leave can be availed only on production of a medical certificate by a qualified physician/ESI Dispensary/Hospital.
  1. An employee shall be eligible for 6 days Sick Leave but can avail only after completing one year service including Probation Period.
  2. This leave can be accumulated during the service of an employee upto a maximum of 60 days.
  3. The employee has to produce medical certificate certifying that the employee is fit for duty if he takes leave for more than two days to resume duty on the expiry of Sick Leave.
Sanctioning Authority : Next to Concerned Reporting Officer.
  1. However, Privilege leave can be availed after completion of one year’s service including Probation Period.
  2. Privilege Leave will be calculated and credited to an employee as at the beginning of every calendar year.
  3. Every employee is eligible to avail Privilege Leave upto 10 days in a year.
  4. Privilege Leave unavailed in a year can be accumulated upto a period of 5 years, i.e. not exceeding 50 days at a time.
  5. An employee who has become entitled to privilege leave should apply at least 15 days in advance and the Competent Authority will sanction or reject the application within 7 days of receipt by issuing circular.
Sanctioning Authority: Next to Concerned Reporting Officer.

Compensatory leave may be allowed by the management in lieu of the work taken by the management from the employee on any holiday for which no extra-time payment is made. This could be for a category for a employees not entitled to over time allowance. This Leave will be claimed within the period of month following in which the employee has been called for work for more than four hours on a day which is a holiday. This leave can not be accumulated and will lapse automatically if not claimed during the specified period at that too subject to the other general and specific provisionary of the company, with regard to sanction of leave.

Sanctioning Authority : Director (Admn.)
  1. Any leave availed by an employee under justified grounds in excess of limits specified above or under the leave rules of the establishment, shall be without pay.
  2. Maternity Leave

As per statutory provision women employees would be allowed Maternity benefit up to a maximum of 12 weeks under the provisions of the E.S.I. Act. These benefits are extended by the E.S.I. Corporation. Women Employee/Officers who are not members of the E.S.I. Scheme will be allowed 12 weeks maternity benefit under the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 up to two issue only.

  1. Employee desirous of availing leave of any type should submit Leave Application    on prescribed form and Admin Executive will sanction the leave.(PF-56 & 57).
  2. Employee in their own interest should plan their availment of Privilege Leave in rotation, so that smooth running of the office not suffers.
  3. All leave should be applied and sanctioned in advance, in case due to exigencies it is not possible to get prior sanction in respect of casual/sick leave, telephone massage may be conveyed. However, employee should invariably submit written leave application on resuming duty and get leave sanctioned.
  4. Before sanctioning leave, that leave sanctioning authority should make satisfactory arrangement to carry on the work in the seat of the employee applying for leave. Sanction of leave can be conveyed only after completing this necessity.
  5. Where the Officer is not able to make satisfactory alternate arrangement in the leave vacancy, he/she should not sanction the leave, but should refer the case to the CEO/M.D. with recommendations.
  6. Leave taken without Rules will be treated absent and double salary will be deducted. However, under reasonable reason leave can be granted after joining with the permission of C.E.O.

Leave Encashment
Unavailable Sick/Privilege Leave keeping 20 days reserve can be encashed once in a year.