TA & DA Rules

Rules of journey

Journeys should be undertaken by the employee through shortest route after approval from the Head of the department through his superiors. Journey to be commenced immediately on taking advance (PF-42 & PF-18). Overstay at place of halt beyond permitted period will be deemed unauthorized. In case of such stay in exceptional circumstances, it should be got confirmed immediately by next higher authority, giving detailed justification, stating why the work entrusted could not be completed within the stipulated period.
All tour expenses should be submitted immediately on completion of journey, with Tour Report on PF-65. Delay in submission of the bill by more than 3 days requires to be explained or it may be subject to rejection.

Revised TA/DA rates w.e.f 01-08-202
S. No. Cadre Expense per day Expense per day
Travelling Lodging Boarding
1 Subordinate, Clerical & Office Assistant level Sleeper Class Res. to Bus Stand/ Railway Stn.by local Bus/Metro Auto in case of odd hours 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Metro & Capital Rs. 500/- Rs. 250/-
Others Rs. 300/- Rs. 200/-
2 Assistant Manager & Senior Manager Deluxe Buses/Shatabadi/Rajdhani/C.C./A.C.-III Tier (Above 8 Hrs Journey)Metro/Auto Res. to Bus stand /Railway Stn. Metro & Capital Rs. 1000/- Rs. 300/-
Others Rs. 600/- Rs. 250/-
3 General Manager Taxi/Auto from Res. to Bus stand/Railway Station 2nd class AC II-Tier. Metro & Capital Rs. 1500/- Rs. 450/-
Others Rs. 1000/- Rs. 300/-
4 Marketing & Technical Suitable officers/employees with proper designation and equivalent in rank to one or other of the above employee’s cadre.
Own Conveyance : Marketing personnel utilizing their own vehicle will be paid per km. including maintenance as mentioned in the respective vehicle. This will be paid on production of Log Book to the company. Scooty: Rs.2/-, Two-wheeler/bike: Rs.3/- Four-wheeler: Rs.6/-
Private Conveyance : Bus: ticket to be produced; Auto-rickshaw: distance to be given: Train, PNR No. to be given
Daily allow: A day will mean, period of 24 hours from the time of leaving Head-quarters or scheduled departure time of train/bus, as the case may be. No allowance is eligible for journeys completed on the same day without night halt. However, if the period of stay outside Headquarters is more than 12 Hrs., full boarding charges will be paid. If it is between 6 to 12 Hrs. half boarding charges will be payable.
Boarding exp: Hotel bills are to be produced. In case of joint travelling, 50% boarding & lodging expenses will be allowed for each person.
Porterate: Payable if the weight of official material is minimum 5 Kg.