Conversion of Follow up person to Interested party to matured party

Business Executive is required to take leads from Customer Care executive and start after understanding all the conversations and follow up that had taken place between the party and customer care executive to make them more interested.

They are required to convert those interested parties into matured party as per following manner: –

Start the conversation from follow up chart by saying:

Wish the client with self-introduction.

In earlier days you spoke to our customer care executive (CCE) that you are interested to be a part of our company. I hope, our customer care executive already shared the pamphlet and the link of our website. Did you check our website thoroughly? Based on their answer, the BE will reply and most of the parties say, i) Who will buy our connection? ii) Why should I invest my money in this business?

You are required to initiate the conversation with the explanation from the history of company like, our company is 27 years old and we know the market very well and have experience to capture the market but we couldn’t expand our business as there were no scope of LPG business because, congress government never implemented their schemes. But now as you can see, government has been changed and our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi have taken so many big decisions like removal of section 370 from Kashmir, recently construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya and the most important encouragement to private sector and you can see this on our website in latest and important news section that how much government encouraging LPG. Now, even tender has been demanded to sell Bharat Petroleum to private sector and latest news is that it will be fully implemented. We are not saying this from our end only, you can also verify it all on our website in news section. See also news- BPCL privatization expected to complete by March.

When the subsidy will end, these people will come to us to get a connection or the government will give a chance to convert them. You will see in the news that, Modi Ji has formed a committee whose report is coming soon, which is get delayed due to Covid-19. It has become a matter of giving equal level to its private entrepreneurs who are working as parallel Marketers. When it will be the private ones like Airtel or Vodafone, who will go to MTNL or BSNL as this will be a matter of service. You are required to listen carefully to the customer and if he speaks more about fraud like, some other people say that there is too much fraud in this line, then tell them, sir there is fraud everywhere as human are greedy. When the government implemented the policy in 1993, it was very fraudulent, in 1995 it was treated to avoid fraudulent involvement of any type in LPG business, the Govt. of India made it mandatory for companies to have an approved rating of at least ‘3’ from certified rating agencies to initiate the business, but in 2012, the fraudulent people worked by creating infrastructure but promised to give gas at subsidy rate in the money-making cycle. Nobody thought about how these people will do when the government cannot supply subsidy rates. We have a record of 27 years. our company has also promised to give Bank Guarantee, but in that case, you will not get interest. Our network was also coming to an end in 1998 when the government opened subsidy cylinders. Also became a dealer in 2012, when the direct benefit scheme came into force, but then stopped when that scheme was closed. We have all the records that we have returned the money of the people and even today we are giving guarantee that, there is no dues left of anyone our records. Now, Modi ji started promoting it from 2015 and today when the whole picture is cleared, we are increasing the business, but sir, I insist you to must read the FAQ.

You are required to show the website and explain the FAQ from 42 to 46. Now to need to figure out if party is interested then he might ask how much I need to Invest and what will the return?

In spite of all these things, our company gives you a chance to wait for a year. You can check our website for risk free opportunity in Business opportunity section where you can book the area under this scheme by giving security under one lakh, less or more category as provided. We are giving Franchisee at Rs. 50000/-. If for some reason you feel that if you do not start the work now presently, then you can start at any time in a year or else you can withdraw with 5% simple interest without any deduction after completion of 1 year. Now, I am telling you the biggest benefit that, you have an option to start work under the Risk-Free opportunity, after putting the drawings approval as a customer representative in the supply under interim arrangement, even without spending money on the construction of Godown. You can start reading it carefully, which people will buy our Goods. Here I am telling you those categories:

  1. Small shopkeepers/restaurants/take-aways who are currently using domestic cylinders illegally for their commercial use.
  2. Customers with high consumption (more than 12 cylinders annually)
  3. Customers who are either temporary residents/tenants OR does not have a permanent address proof and resorting to the black market.
  4. Working professionals who would prefer an ease of delivery at their convenient time.
  5. Daily wage-earning labours who purchase mini cylinders from the black market at high price

In that case you (BE) are required to show the summary chart and explain the investment scenario and further, in the question, just tell that, one lakh or whatever the amount is for the security, you will get interest on it and for at website where you can also see that company is bearing 50% cost in everything to run & support the work itself or through associate. Now, BE can say to the client that, if he will follow our website then he can see that, today we are giving distributorship at district level for only 5 lakhs, which is much lesser than government agencies and in a very easy process which he can’t get from any Govt. agencies. All terms & conditions are very transparent here. From those we are taking franchise fee, it will be distributed to our associates who will bring the business from retailers to increase the business interests among the associates.

In case of very critical enquiry BE should promise to arrange a con-call with our business head with a prior appointment to resolve all the queries of the client.

 Then, after telling the complete scheme for auto LPG owners, start telling benefits with the references of pamphlet and concentrate on CODO scheme by explaining the benefits that. BE can explain that, by giving 10 Lacs in instalment and by processing step by step, you can execute civil construction as per your choice. You can do that by yourself also. When you will visit our website, you can check out the gas pump section, where you can see pump of Etawa which is completed at full cost because this is the first pump where sale was around 4000 litres. After that, you will see the pump of Auriya where the flooring has not been done, again in Mau canopy has not been finished and in Farrukhabad canopy has not been made, similarly you can invest money after starting the pump step by step when you will start earning.  Another advantage of this project is that, you can also earn money by investing in other activities such as by selling three-wheeler & four wheelers kit, by taking three wheelers agency like Bajaj, Atul Piajio etc. Our company offer finance facility or partnership or LLP as agreed between the parties in written form at your ease. If you want to apply only for 5 Lakhs, then you can start a pump in the COCO scheme, where in case of your own land you are required to fence the boundary and level up to the ground. But in case you do Not have land, then you can also rent it. If there is a well populated area and the rent of the land is high, then company will support you. If, in case party have more queries for which BE do not have any replies then BE should say that, for more clarifications or for any further doubts he can arrange a con call  with our senior and to clarify all  his doubts.   BE can also request him to follow the FAQ by saying that, all answers of his queries are available in our FAQ also.