Demand of the product

This is a big segment, which can be exploited for sale of our Mini cylinders and its refilling at large scale. These cylinders can replace the illegal cylinders being sold and refilled in illegal manner in different sizes ranging from 1Kg to 5Kg. These cylinders presently seen in the market are spurious and NON- ISI and refilling of these cylinders is being done illegally by using domestic cylinders issued for domestic use which is very risky. Presently, the rate at which gas is being sold in these cylinders is @ Rs.90/- per Kg to Rs.100/- per Kg, which is high in comparison to what we can offer. Whereas, we can fill these mini cylinders at our LPG bottling plants using appropriate filling guns, which would abide the law by not using domestic cylinders for filling and will also be safe. Moreover, our associate will not fill at shop but exchange like big cylinders.

We also offer to exchange these illegal cylinders for Rs. 200 of any size to capture the market. The public in general can complaint against these illegal traders from safety point of view to enforcement departments i.e. food and civil under essential commodity act being serious offence, and local police for illegal activities under CPC. They are also not paying any GST by purchasing in cash without any bill and misusing subsidized domestic cylinders illegally. Moreover, our association is also ready to support in making complaint & pursuance.

This item can be catered by our mini retailer and even by housewives from their house because govt. of India under gas cylinder rules has allowed storing LPG up to 100 kgs. in a room/shop for trading.

Recently the PSU Companies have also launched their 5 kg cylinders and our prices of connection and refill are cheaper than their prevailing rates.

Comparison with PSU’s (IOCL /BPCL / HPCL) Mini Connection for Rajasthan

April 2020Connection ChargeRefillPer kg
PSU 5 Kg CylinderRs.1435.0/-Rs. 391.5/-Rs. 78.306/-
Premier 4 Kg CylinderRs. 1340.0/-Rs. 285.5/-Rs. 71.25/-