Premier LPG Limited
Chapter 6

Administrative rules & code of conduct

Importance: Administrative policies cover a wide array of needs within the business and serve as a guide, how it operates. It ensures that, administration and employees are on the same page by creating uniformity across department’s procedures and cultures. Administrative policies promote a positive, safe and productive work environment whereas a code has value as both an internal guideline and an external statement of corporate values and commitments. They can become the benchmark against which individual and organizational performance can be measured. It also encourages discussions of ethics and compliance, empowering employees to handle ethical dilemmas they encounter in everyday work. It can also serve as a valuable reference helping employees locate relevant documents, services and other resources related to ethics within the organization. If a company does not work in a disciplined manner than it never succeeds. That is why it is important to follow the rules and code of conduct set by the company. They will find all administrative rules & code of conduct under ‘career’ navigation by clicking on ‘service rule’ head on the website. In most of the companies, the senior people take advantage of the work done by their subordinates to get promotions and other benefits, so people at lower level suffer and do not get the recognition for their work. But here, our policies, rules and code of conduct are very transparent. We have made such rules, so that the benefits of an employee’s work goes to that employee only. Moreover, as per our leave policies, if someone is taking leave as per rule, we never deny. We favour our staff and give them freehand to work to their maximum potential. In case of any complaint they can directly contact the management, their contact details are provided on the website under contact us navigation, and we will give them freehand to work. We will describe about all the rules and code of conduct in detail in next points:-

6.1 Service rules:

The given service rules are applicable for all employees of the company. Here, employees mean all persons, wholly or principally employed by the company on wages either work in the company at Bhiwadi or any other place appointed by the company. They will find all service rules under ‘career’ navigation on the website. When they read services rules, they will know, employees are classified under various categories like permanent employees, probationary employees, trainee and temporary employee. All posts and grades are classified into different categories where every employee will be given suitable designations indicating the nature of responsibilities entrusted to them. They will also get the brief information about under described points:

  1. Appointment of an Employee.
  2. Security norms for the employees which also includes the staff handling the company’s cash.
  3. Salary, increment, promotion & other allowance.
  4. Daily working hours, weekly holiday, overtime, staff welfare measures, bonus, statutory and retirement benefits, leaves, National and Festival holidays.
  5. All norms of discipline, punctuality during office working hour, obligation towards other employees, their transfer and termination, resignation or dismissal from service.

6.2 Leaves Rules:

When they  visit the ‘career’ navigation and click on ‘leave rules’ under ‘service rule’ tab, they will find the list of all leave entitlement along with their rules available during your employment time period, the list of all the available national and festival holidays and the required leave application form. The leave details of all the employees will also get updated in the beginning of the year and they can find the same by visiting the respective folder of the HR team, which will be informed to them later, once they are eligible for leaves after completion of training period.

6.3 TA/DA Rules

When they visit the ‘career’ navigation and click on ‘TA/DA rules’ under ‘service rule’ tab they will find the TA/DA rules along with the rules of the journey. Also, the Performa of Tour programme, Imprest advance and their daily tour details is available, which they are required to submit to their controlling officer.

6.4 Job Leaving Rules:

Though, it is not right time to introduce them all with leaving rules as, it is the starting of their journey with Premier LPG Limited but because we have a transparent policy and also it is their right to know about all details of their employment terms. So, When they visit the ‘career’ navigation and click on ‘job leaving rules’ under ‘service rule’ tab, they will find all the conditions which are required to be fulfilled, in case of leaving the organization by their own or if they get terminated during their training period, probation period and or as a confirmed employee. There they will also find the terms for retirement from service i.e. when and what kind of formalities are required to be completed. The performa for resignation form, receipt/no due certificate and reliving order is also available there.

6.5 Code of Conduct:

After reading all rules regarding their joining, they need to understand the concept of code of conduct. When they visit the ‘career’ navigation and click on ‘code of conduct’ under ‘service rule’ tab on the website, they will know that, whether they are under-training period or after completion of training them become a regular employee, they need to follow all those codes to work in an organized way. They will also find the Performa of salary release and increment or promotion. Moreover, the format of acceptance letter which they need to submit while accepting the offer letter from the company is also available there.

Again, I repeat that they are required to read all these administrative rules and code of conduct thoroughly on the website along with office orders & circulars. When they visit the ‘operations’ navigation on the website and click on the ‘business’ head, they will find all the office orders and circulars there. They can clear their doubts in the next sessions or contact the mentor at her number  but make sure to understand all things very clearly.  This is the end of all chapters of the training module. Moving forward, they will get the practical training to deal in the market for better result.

Thank you