Premier LPG Limited
Chapter – 4

Business Opportunity

While familiarizing with the company, everyone must know all the business opportunities available with the company for outsiders as well as for employees. It will help them to build trust amongst clients so that they can tailor this opportunity to target prospective customers with specific type of products or services. If they have complete knowledge of company’s available products and understand the customer’s requirements, it will help them to run the business more efficiently by decreasing business risks resulting in fullest use of available opportunities. The company provides different opportunities to stand in the market. If they go through the last point “why LPG/Auto LPG business” under ‘parallel marketing in LPG’ navigation, they will understand the importance/scope of LPG/Auto LPG business in the current scenario. To know the features of the company click ‘highlights’ on the navigation ‘about us’. From these navigations, they will come to know that there is vast scope of LPG/auto LPG business and people will like to associate with Premier LPG Limited. We have categorised all the business in four heads which they will find under the ‘business opportunity’ navigation, on the right hand, as under:-

  • Auto LPG
  • LPG
  • Franchisee
  • Consultancy

After training, when they join the company as an employee, if they want to establish their own business, the company will provide various options under different categories. There is also no bar to add their relatives or friends in the business, as there are risk-free opportunity options, means their investment is safe with the company. For detailed information, click ‘Risk free’ tab under ‘Business Opportunity’ Navigation. In this scheme, they can book their area by depositing the security amount only and company provides the option to get interest on the security amount or can get bank guarantee of the same amount deposited. In case, they found that govt. policies are not implemented or circumstances are not favourable, and if want to exit from the business anytime within one year, there will be surety for refund of full amount after one year.  Under this scheme, we provide another benefit to the associates that if they want, they can start “supply under interim arrangement”, immediately after submitting the necessary documents with the Explosive department for their godown approval. Under this scheme, they will act as Customer Representative of the company and can store up to 100 kg LPG in their room without license. We provide a complete horizon to explore new heights by enhancing potential and providing a suitable working environment, either being an employee or our associate.

4.1 Marketing Strategy:

We have already explained in chapter -2 under “implementation of expansion plan” that the company is running the business successfully since last 27 years and in 2000, during the unfavourable period of parallel marketers, company prepared codified manual systems, literature & procedural guidelines in every operational task and  had also adopted comprehensive training literature methodology for all our staff on practical basis especially for surveyors, sales representatives and business development managers, who are backbone of the company. Now, due to favourable steps taken by the government in recent years, the time has come to implement all these strategies & guidelines.

4.2 Category of Association ship and its aim:

The company has planned to appoint associates under different categories on the basis of investment criteria from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 10 crores, to whom complete training will be provided, to make a strong business chain all over India. Our aim is that, with minimum investment, our associate gets maximum returns as per their area choice and can supply cylinders at the doorsteps of the customers timely and at their convenient time. For detailed information, click ‘business opportunity’ navigation and on the left, they will find the categories of associates under the four main heads of business as mentioned above. When they click particular category, they will find the following details to know the terms and conditions, investment and returns as well as how to apply for associationship:-

1) FAQ                                                      2) Summary of terms                   3) Detailed terms & conditions

4) Projected profitability                      5) Step by step action                   6) Application form

After understanding about the categories of associates, in the next point, we will discuss the various publicity guidelines followed by the company for promoting the business.

4.3 Publicity & promotional activities:

For positive and better result especially to work on pan India level, publicity & promotional activities are important to promote our product, is the next step for the implementation of marketing strategies. When they click on ‘publicity’ navigation on the website they will find our premier publicity strategy that we believe in innovation. We allowed to use strategy for publicity as per time and place even the content and type of programme are kept open and flexible but the sequence of operation will remain as per premier standard. Let’s see the various options of publicity and promotional activities that are being followed by the company:

  1. Premier publicity strategy. Exhibition stall.                                      3. Indirect media publicity.
  2. Newspapers & magazines. Digital marketing.                                  6. TV channels
  3. 8. Design & layout of distributor’s office & Godown.
  4. LPG Godown. Transportation arrangements.             11. Other side wall.

This is the summary of business opportunity, this will help you to understand the approach for expansion of our business. For any further query, they can contact the mentor in their next session. In the next chapter, we will understand the job responsibilities associated with their job roles. Understanding of job responsibility is very important to deliver your 100% towards the job. So, see them all in the next session.