Points to be discussed (3rd day)
Chapter-1 Career

Point 1.How the company assures the employee about its own existence and the job stability of them?  
 Being essential commodities and green fuel, demands of LPG & Auto LPG will never end and always increased. As you are aware, the Bharat Petroleum is under the process of complete privatization in LPG and since the declaration of Auto LPG as green fuel, various state governments have banned the diesel in their states to make the city pollution free. There is no doubt that CNG is also being introduced in various parts of the country.  Here, we would like to mention that CNG is much costlier than LPG in the states except major cities i.e., Delhi, Bombay etc. The other comparisons of LPG and CNG are available at our website.  On the other hand, our Hon’ble Supreme Court of India & Green Tribunal have also banned the diesel, furnace oil, pet coke etc. in various cities and other states are also following the same guidelines. Now, we  can understand that the demands of both products will never end.   Moreover, the company spent lot of money and time on providing training to their employees to make them assets of the company & no one wants to lose its assets.  After getting the training and showing the calibre, every employee will get so many opportunities to reach their expected level without time bound programme even they unable to meet the criteria for a particular post in a single chance. Therefore, question of removal/resign from the services does not arise.  
Point 2.Why company give one month training whereas in career page for consultancy three months training has been mentioned?  
 As we have mentioned above that, an employee is an asset for the company & no one wants to lose its assets. So, the training period for an employee reduced to one month to give a favour to the employee. For an example, the salary of a B.D.E. is offered Rs. 25,000/- per month and during training session he/she will get Rs. 12,500/- per month as a stipend. But, if he /she will not be able to satisfy the management as a B.D.E. after getting full training, he/she will be appointed as a CCE with the offered salary of Rs.15,000/- per month instead to extend the period of training or removal from job. Moreover, there is no fixed criteria of waiting period for promotions and if one can works hard, then anytime, he/she become eligible for promotion as per circular no. 10. However, for consultancy or full knowledge, the training period is 3 months as mentioned in the career page.