Points to be discuss (2nd day)
Introduction of training module

Point 1.On which grounds, we can hope that, favourable policy taken by the Govt. will be continued?  
 Modi Govt. has done tremendous work like Ram Mandir and Article 307 and now he declared that, steps will be taken for complete privatization or equal platform will be given to Parallel Marketer. We can take an example of privatization of BPCL in which Govt. didn’t allowed any public sector companies for participation in the tender. We can see the details of this article on our website in latest important news scrolling. He never takes steps back, so we can hope that complete privatization of LPG or equal platform to parallel marketers.  
Point 2.Where we can find the expansion plan of PLL?
 This plan has been described in Chapter-2, Brief about the company.  
Point 3.What do you mean by the phrase- “every artisan, works with the help of a hammer, but his value is created only when he knows where to hit from a hammer to get the work done perfectly in minimum efforts”?  
 Here I would like to put an example of Hindi Film “Mazdoor” in which Mr. Raj Babbar replied to Mr. Suresh Oberoi of charging Rs. 1000/- for putting one hammer. He explained this in a very wonderful way, that he is charging Rs. 10/- for putting hammer and Rs. 990/- where to put the hammer. That means, the values of knowledge costs more than physical work.  
Point 4.What are the options for everyone in PLL?
 After training, everyone can choose to do his own business in his preferred area or can work as an employee on the post finalized by the management as per calibre. However, in case of non-satisfaction of the calibre finalized, anyone can put their grievances to Ombuds at  ombuds@premierlpgltd.com  
Point 5.Now, what will be the target of the next day training?
 We will provide you the training on your career in Premier LPG Limited.