Premier LPG Limited
Chapter – 1 Career

Good Morning Everyone! it is a pleasure to be here with you, for what sounds to have been a very productive symposium. We are in process of conducting training for strengthening our relationship so that together we can work to become India’s leading service provider of LPG and Auto LPG. In continuation to our discussions regarding job security in the previous session, here we are going to explain you in detail about your career prospects in Premier LPG Limited. When a person joins an organization, the first and foremost concern is security at his/her job, especially after this pandemic situation.  So, it will be your first chapter in the training programme to ensure your security of the job in this organization. To understand the base of your career, we will explain you about these four points in detail as under:-

1.1 Stability of job:

India has seen its worst scenario during this COVID-19 pandemic where almost every company expelled their employees from their position but here you will see, all the employees are working as earlier and none of them lost their job. You can check this on by reading comments on google review written by employees and you can also assure yourself by getting the feedback from our employees. You can get their designation and contact details by clicking at ‘contact us’ navigation on the website. We believe, in a company, an employee can give 100% only if he is satisfied that his job is stable, then only he can work with his full ability and enable to work together to create a synergetic effect to achieve the goal of the organization. So, to achieve this, the company also takes care of its employees as a family member, by providing them job security. It is as simple as an efficient employee is an asset of an organization and no company wants to loosen its assets.

1.2 Benefits to Join Premier LPG:

It is a saying that, “hard and smart work, your firm determination toward organizational goal only makes the company win the sky, which in the end benefits itself too”. As we already explained in introduction module that, it is a booming period of LPG and Auto LPG because in future there will be an equal platform for government and private sectors & the Government has already taken various steps in this regards, e.g. called for auction only to private companies for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited and completely barred the participation of PSU’s, ban on pet coke, furnace oil, use of diesel-run auto, some state government like Rajasthan banned diesel auto in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Alwar, Udaipur and Kota, Bihar banned diesel auto in Patna after 31st January 2021 and various other state governments have already taken steps to ban these fuels to make their states pollution free by using green fuels, even our Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has also issued directions for the same. All the news are displaying on scrolling bar at the website. For detailed information, you can click on the particular news. These acts of various government authorities, give us a boost and a way to go beyond the limits which will also create a lot of opportunities in the market which will help you to get benefit as well. You can find the details of benefits of joining Premier LPG Limited by clicking “career” navigation on the website, so that you can be assure about the bright career prospects in Premier LPG Limited.

We treat our employees as a family member and provide trust & care on a priority basis, this is the reason we have many employees in our organization, who are working here for the last 5 to 8 years. Although, an employee needs time to understand the culture and work environment of company which is usually of 2-3 months, so the training period is usually 2-3 months, whether it is a multinational company or Govt. company. But here, your training period will be for a month only in which you will get stipend of 50% of your salary. If you perform in this one month then your salary will be directly related to your next post just after completion of your training, otherwise we have other job openings available for you which are listed on our “career page”. In later months you will be benefitted as per your work. You can understand this structure from the below mentioned example:-

The Training period in the Company is of 3 months, but for the convenience of the employee, we have reduced it to only one month with 50% salary. If you join as a Business development executive at the salary of Rs 25000 p.m. and within one month of training, you have not performed as per the criteria of Business Development executive, you can join the company for other roles like Business Executive at the salary of Rs 20000 p.m. In this way from the very next month you will get the salary of 20000 instead of remaining under the training only for three months for half salary. We created this structure so that it will not affect your salary here. So, in this way your job will be secured and you will get your salary for the post, which the company or the competent authority will decide as per your capability. Again, if you want to take promotion for the next post, you can gain knowledge from the website and perform according to the guidelines of the company, which can get you promotion instantly without wasting of time. The Jobs responsibilities of all the categories are mentioned under the ‘responsibilities’ tab in ‘career’ navigation. Moreover, the salary structure of all the position is given under circular number 10, you can find the details by clicking the ‘circular’ tab under the heading of ‘business’ in ‘operations’ navigation.

1.3 Growth Opportunity at promotional Level:

Here, you have another great opportunity that, you need not to worry about your promotion. Usually, in Govt. and other companies, you will find that it takes years to get a promotion or annual appraisal. Here, you will find out that there is no bar on time limit for promotion or an appraisal. Here, we believe by providing a higher position with salary hike will be more beneficial and a classic motivation to an employee, which will also help them to make their own personal identity and increase status in the society. So, when an employee shows his/her calibre and potential to work at the higher position after receiving proper training, with the management decision, they will be appointed to next level with promotion along with very attractive compensation. It all depends upon how much determination, honesty and efficiency you are showing, towards work of the organization. We have many examples of those employees who got promoted at higher posts according to their performance without any time limitation, which you can find out by clicking on ‘staff’ on the ‘career’ page of the website. There you can find the list of all our employees, with designation and their salary details from the date of joining till present. So, after reading the website, you will be assured that, you will be benefitted and successful after being a part of Premier LPG Limited family. It all depends upon your hard work and determination.

1.4 Growth Opportunity at Individual level:

Keeping this point of view, we would like to quote that every employee will not only get benefit for the short term but here you get life-long opportunity to explore your full potential. You have growth opportunity at each level. We believe to work in a transparent policy. So, all details regarding growth will be easily available on the ‘career’ page of the website and all the upcoming vacancies will be duly notified on the website on regular basis. Only then you will know, here you have a golden option to settle your career and life, especially while working in your comfort zone either by doing work from home or doing work in field based on your interest.  You can associate with us and get the opportunity to work here as a Business Consultant or freelancer from anywhere in India where you can also associate other people or your relatives in business as you want. In both cases, you will be rewarded as per your smart work. All the details are given on the “career” page as well as in “business opportunity” on the website. Being an independent worker, an induction programme is organized for you for a time period of 3 months as explained earlier. You will get training on different products and its benefits to compete for value and at the same time. If you want, you can survey your local area in your extra time and can establish your own business too. The harder you will work, the sooner you will get the success. During your induction programme, you will be able to formulate the go-to-market strategies, to work on the expansion of the market as per agreed strategies, start generating revenues, you can open your zonal office and hire your own marketing and administrative staffs. You will get opportunities to touch all kinds of heights. So, in this way the company provides you with the opportunity to work independently, depending upon your choice.

In conclusion, this is your chapter 1 and we would say being a part of PLL family you will get so many opportunities for you brighter career prospects. You have job stability, monetary and non-monetary benefits, growth opportunities job-wise, as well as at Individual level. I hope, this clears all your doubts regarding any insecurity for job. After assuring you about your job, our next focus will be to introduce you all with the company, where you are becoming part of our family. So, that will be your next chapter and for any doubt, you can contact the mentor at her No. 9599188255 or in your next sessions.

Thank you