Chapter 1: – Career 

1. What is the training period in PLL?
a) 1 month      b) 2 months     c) 3 months      d) 6 months

2. Under which navigation we can find the designation details of PLL working staff?
a) About us     b) Contact us     c) Home     d) FAQ

3. How much stipend an employee gets during his/her training session?
a) 80% of his actual salary     b) 60% of actual salary
c) 50% of actual salary     c) 40% of actual salary

4. On which page of website we can find the responsibilities of staffs?
a) Business opportunity      b) About us      c) Contact us      d) Career

5. On which page we can find the Code of Conduct of PLL?
a) Service Rules Under Career page      b) FAQ
c) Operation      d) Responsibilities under Career page

6.What is the aim of Premier LPG Ltd.?
a) To become the leading service provider of LPG in India.
b) To become the leading service provider of LPG & Auto LPG in India.
c) To become a leading property Dealer
d) To become a leading LPG producer.

7. Where on the website, you can find the details of our employees with their email id and contact details?
a) Career      b) about us      c) Contact us     d) Operations

8. What is the importance of job stability for an employee?
a) It helps to make a responsible employee.
b) It helps to bring out the best of an employee.
c) It helps the employee more confidant to his work & bring the 100% result.
d) All of the above

9. How the growth of company and employees are inter-related?
a) Growth of the Company and employee is depending on each-other.
b) If company will grow then only the employee can grow individually.
c) Growth of company and employee is not related to each other.
d) Growth of a company depends upon its employee’s growth.

10.How promotion and appraisal criteria in Premier LPG is different from other companies?
a) In PLL employee has to wait for 6 months for promotions or appraisal.
b) No time limit for promotions or appraisal for perfect candidates.
c) In PLL there is a time period of 3 months for promotions or appraisals.
d) All of the above are false.

11. What is the probational period in premier LPG.?
a) 1 months      b) 4 months      c) 6 months      d) 1 year

12. On which navigation you can find the upcoming vacancies?
a) Operations      b) Business opportunity      c) Parallel Marketing in LPG      d) Career.

13. What will be the opportunity for unsuccessful candidate in training?
a) Another opportunity as per caliber.
b) training will be extended for 3 months.
c) Candidate will get another opportunity to get the post by getting knowledge.
d) Candidate will discard from his job