Premier LPG Limited

Chapter – 2
Brief about the Company

After giving a brief about your career in premier LPG in the last chapter, let us introduce you about the company. A company profile is an introduction to our business and aims to tell you about the history, working concept, management and staff structure, to better understand the vision & mission of the organization. You can find out all the details under the navigation of ‘about us’ on our website. The base of objective of the company always relies upon the culture and foundation of the company. Our foundation established when govt. introduced parallel marketing system in India. We are explaining about the same under the below mentioned points: –

2.1 Parallel Marketing System:

Parallel marketing means, where a product is selling by private companies parallel to the government companies.  Initially, LPG was sold by the government oil companies’ i.e. Indian oil, Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum, but later, Govt. opened new door for the private sector by introducing parallel marketing system in August 1993 to sell the LPG without subsidy. Now, both are selling LPG parallel in the market and sooner there will be equal platform for both as we have explained in Chapter-1. However, now we will advise you to go through the navigation ‘Parallel Marketing’ on our website to know the details on following aspects: –

  1. History of LPG & creation of parallel marketing system in India;
  2. Initial hardships;
  3. Overcoming the hardships;
  4. Stumbling blocks for parallel marketers;
  5. Current state and scope;
  6. Some cautious facts for consideration;

During all the time since its inception our company gained a lot of experience whereas many companies come but did not stand in the market. We have established ourselves in a way, which will be the reason for us to become India’s ‘Leading service provider of LPG and Auto LPG’.

 2.2 History of the company:

The promoters were running the business of LPG under the company named S.O. Gas Products (P) Limited since 1984 and introduced small size cylinder of 200 gms under Insta brand. In 1993, when the company was in process of launching 2 & 4 Kg LPG Cylinders, the Government of India allowed private entrepreneurs to supply LPG in cylinders, so company also started the supply of LPG from its Bhiwadi Plant having the filling capacity of 1000 cylinders per day. Initially, the company appointed its 1st batch of dealers in different areas of Bhiwadi, Sri Ganganagar, Ajmer, Jhunjhunu etc. & issued 20000 connections within 8 months. On the way to success, in 1996, the company built its own second bottling plant at Gulabpura with the filling capacity of 4000 cylinders per day which resulted in 5 times capacity. To know more, we advise you to visit ‘about us’ navigation on the website and click on ‘history’ tab where you will find following heads:-                                                   

  1. Early years
  2. Steps forwards
  3. Recent years

 From the above mentioned details, you have found that Premier Lpg Limited is the first company which introduced the private cylinders in the market,  but we couldn’t expand our business as per our expectations because of unfavourable policies of govt. for parallel marketers as already explained above under point ii. of 2.1.

 2.3 Infrastructure and Upcoming projects:

The company’s registered office is at Delhi. We have our own two operational bottling plants at Bhiwadi and Gulabpura and running four auto LPG dispensing stations under different categories in U.P. Some projects are under consideration to get approval from the Chief Controller of Explosives, Nagpur, whereas some are at NOC stage and some are pending for processing at company level. You can find the full details i.e. locations and license numbers etc. on the ‘about us’ navigation by clicking on ‘infrastructure’ tab.

2.4 Management structure:

Now we will introduce you all with the management structure and staff hierarchy with whom you are going to start your work journey. Click “Management” & “Staff’ at “Career” page to know about your colleagues and senior officers. For better understanding, you may click “contact us” tab on the website where you will find the details of all staff along with their designations, contact numbers and email id. After training, you will also be assigned job with your reporting officer.

2.5 Implementation of expansion plan:

The main point in every business expansion plan depends upon the capacity of the production or availability of the product with the company. We are the first parallel marketer of LPG in India and competent to provide service to consumer at his doorsteps and their convenient time through our marketing network. We are capable in all respects because we have experience of 27 years and still survived after seeing many ups and downs in this business. On these basis, we have planned our expansion at PAN India level. Moreover, we can do this with some modifications in already prepared codified manual systems, literature & procedural guidelines to be followed in every operational task, same is available at our website and in the folder of concerned staff’s mail id. Our aim is to have our own import facility, but for that we will go step by step. We will start our expansion with ALDS in every part of the country for which we will supply Auto LPG directly at ALDS through tankers from import facility. There is no problem of availability of the product, still we already have tie ups with major importers and transporters of India.

For marketing of LPG, we should have bottling facilities at every 500 km radius in India as per guidelines of Chief Controller of Explosives, Nagpur. We have our own two bottling plants and initially arrangements can be made all over India with other bottlers having spare capacities as we have shared our one tank of Gulabpura plant with Aegis since 2013 on very reasonable terms with this condition that similarly, AEGIS will also share his bottling facilities wherever they have all over India. Moreover, we have also agreement with them to provide us LPG from their three import facilities i.e. Bombay, Gujrat and Haldia on formula base rate. After this step, we will share/hire import facility with present importers. For this purpose, we have to achieve the sale target of minimum 2000 MT per month. So, we will cover the area of our bottling plants by appointing associates under different categories which will be explained under business opportunity.

Now, our main focus is to increase the number of associates under different categories, so that when we get equal platform to work, our products & services can reach every corner of India. To control all the administrative functions, initially we will operate from our registered office at Delhi to create strong marketing network all over India. To provide complete training and guidance to our associates & employees, training modules and targets with reports for marketing staff have been prepared. The General Manager (operations) will appoint Zonal Managers by allotting areas as per scope of business volume. Zonal Managers will be appointed for specific area to spread marketing network as detailed in business opportunity by business associates under their guidance and control. Zonal Managers will prepare the publicity plan to appoint minimum one ALDS in a month in their zone. So in this way, we will have our offices in all states all over India. The marketing persons are backbone of the company as explained in the chapter 1, who will drive the sales by appointing franchise/dealers etc. They have been provided attractive packages.

To conclude this session, you are advised to read the website thoroughly to understand the company well and its products, prices and services, which will be your next chapter. In case of any confusion or doubt, you can contact the Mentor at her No. 9599188255  or in your next sessions.