Chapter 2: – Brief about the company

1.In which year PLL was started its journey as a Parallel Marketers?
a) 1993     b)1997     c)2015     d) 1994

2.Named catchy companies fraud with people was done in early stages?
a) IOCL, BPCL, HPCL etc.     b) Bajaj, Modi, Birla, Suraj, Indira etc.     c) Super gas, Total gas, Reliance etc.     d) None of these

3. In which year PLL was introduced the 1st cylinder?
a) 2000     b) 2001     c) 1993     d) 1998

4.In which year Gulabpura Plant was established?
a)1993     b) 1994     c)1995     d)1996

5. Who was founder of PLL?
a) B.D. Dhamija     b) Hari Shankar Bhawra     c) Amit Dhamija     d) Ashok Gehlot

6.From which Organization PLL got its rating in earlier years?
a) Crisil     b) ICRA     c) MDRA      d) PESO

7. From which agency PLL got its Grading now?
a) ICRA      b) PESO     c) Crisil     d) MDRA

8.What is the per day refilling capacity of Gulabpura plant?
a) 10000     b)3000     c) 1000      d) 4000

9.In which year LPG was introduced as a cooking fuel?
a) 1970      b)1994      c) 1995      d) 1992

10.What do you understand by Parallel Marketing in LPG?
a) The Govt. companies those are running parallelly to private companies.
b) The private sector companies running parallelly to Govt. oil companies.
c) The third-party companies those are running under Govt.
d)None of these above.

11.Why grading/rating is compulsory in LPG business?
a) To stop the Govt. companies to enter into the market.
b) To run the LPG business successfully.
c) To stop the fraud companies into the business.
d) To stop the private companies, enter into the market.

12.Why Parallel Marketers faced hardship in the earlier stage?
a) Some people launch fake companies to cheat public and vanished.
b) Lack of infrastructures.
c) Exchange value of Indian rupee.
d) All of the above.

13. How many Bottling plants and ALDS Pumps running presently under PLL?
a) 2 bottling Plant & 4 ALDS Pumps.
b) 4 bottling plants & 2 ALDS Pumps.
c) 4 bottling plants & 4 ALDS Pumps.
d) 2 bottling Plant & 2 ALDS Pumps.

14. On website, under which navigation you can find about the initial hardships of LPG business?
a) about us      b) Parallel Marketing in LPG       c) Early years     d) Products

15 In which year Govt. introduced DBT scheme?
A) 2013      b) 2014      c) 2012     d)2015