Chapter 3: Products, Price and services

Q.1 Why product knowledge is important for an employee & associate?
a) All the below given statements are true.
b) To run the business smoothly.
c) To communicate with clients confidently
d) To enhance the skill & Knowledge.

Q.2 What type of products PLL serves?
a) Petrol & Diesel      b) LPG & Auto LPG
c) Propene & Butene      d) Mythen & propene

Q.3 What is the size of PLL mini cylinder?
a) 5 kg      b) 7 kg      c) 4 kg      d) 3 kg

Q.4 Why people should buy PLL connections?
a) Safe & legal      b) timely supply
c) Variety of sizes      d) all of the above

Q.5 What are the sizes of cylinders that PLL provides?
a) 4 – 6 -12 – 15 – 17 – 33      b) 5 – 14.2 – 19 – 21 – 45
a) 4 – 6 – 12 – 14.2 – 17-21            d) 4 – 6 – 12 – 19 – 17 – 33

Q.6 What PLL provides with a new connection?
a) Filled cylinder, pipe, stove, Pass book, gas lighter.
b) Filled cylinder, regulator, pipe, subscription voucher, instruction pamphlet, pass book, gas lighter.
c) Filled cylinder, pipe, Oven, pass book & gas lighter.
d) Filled cylinder, pipe, oven, pass book & subscription voucher.

Q.7 What are the services that PLL provides?
a) Delivery at door step, consumer loan for new connection.
b) Delivery at door step, consumer loan for new connection, Money back guarantee.
c) Delivery at door step, consumer loan for new connection, Money back guarantee, accidental insurance, GST claim
d) None of these.

Q.8 From website, where you can get the price list of various States?
a) Operation      b) Products      c) Business opportunity      d) Customer Price list

Q.9 What sizes of PLL LPG cylinders are mainly useful for industrial sector?
a) 17 kg & 33 kg      b) 15 kg & 33 Kg      c) 17 kg & 12 kg      d) all sizes

Q.10 In which year PLL got the approval from CCOE for ALDS?
a) 2015      b) 2007      c) 2009      d)2010

Q.11 How Auto LPG distributed in vehicle?
a) Through gas bank      b) Through pipeline      c) Through dispenser     d) Through Cylinders

Q.12 What is the rate of Interest PLL charged for consumer loan?
a) 18%      b) 14%      c) 15%      d) 10%