CHAPTER 4 :- Business Opportunites

1. How many business categories are available in PLL?
a) 4      b) 3      c) 2      d) 6

2. Where can we find out the business projection on website?
a) Operation      b) Business opportunity      c) About us      d) Home

3. How much gas can be stored under interim arrangement supply?
a) 200kg      b) 500kg      c)100kg      d) 300kg

4. How many sub-categories of opportunities have been divided by PLL?
a) 12      b) 17     c) 15      d) 14

5. Who is the licensing authority for LPG business?
a) CCOE      b) Company     c) Fire deptt.      d) Distributor

6. How PLL worked on its marketing strategy?
a) By operational team      b) By appointing chain of associates
c) By media and press       d) All of the above

7. Why can everyone start his business with PLL in the present scenario?
a) Easy loan scheme available      b) No investment plans
c) Very affordable with handsome income      d) No documentation required.

8. How one can run the business with PLL very easily from their own place?
a) Through regular team visit      b) No interference of company
c) No area bounded      d) Everything transparent on website

9. How one can get knowledge about any business category from website?
a) From business opportunity navigation     b) From Parallel Marketing in LPG navigation
c) From FAQ      d) From Publicity navigation

10. How PLL support its Associates in publicity & promotional activities?
a) By providing all publicity material free of cost      b) Sharing 50% cost
c) Sharing 75% cost     d) Against 25% cost

11. What is the security amount needed for the Distributor category?
a) 5 lacs      b) 2 lacs      c) 1 lac      d) 50 thousand

12. What is the land requirement for Dealer’s godown?
a) 400     b) 500     c) 800     d) 250 sq. mt.

13. One can start his business with PLL by investing only…
a) 20 thousand     b)50 thousand     c)1 lac      d) 5 lacs

14. Why the margin given by PLL in Bengal for ALDS extra than other state?
a) Near to bottling plant      b) Near to port     c) Construction cost is less
d) land available on cheaper rates

15. How many sub- categories in ALDS project in PLL?
a) 2     b) 5     c) 3      d) 4