“Specimen- This draft is only to take language for
the purpose by Associate/consultant/company.”




Sub.: Business Commencement-CFA/Stockist.

Dear Sir,

We congratulate you for the successful inauguration of your office and entering the stage of business commencement. To operate as successful C & F Agent, you must stock need-based level of our products, to be able to meet the demand of our Dealers/Distributors and deposit the security amount for the same. As and when these stocks are delivered to Dealer/Distributors against payment, you will remit the amounts collected by you to us, against which we will dispatch fresh stocks to you. When the turnover of business increases, and you need to stock additional quantity, you will deposit further Security Deposit to us to secure further stocks. Please arrange to make us a payment to cover immediate requirement of stocks along with your initial indent.

We also enclose the following as guidelines/information for you.

  1. PL-50 Supply Order by Dealers/Distributors
  2. List of Dealers/Distributors, with their names, addresses and telephone numbers, along with name of contact person.
  3. List of Customer Representatives.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

For Premier LPG Ltd.

Authorized Signatory


Encl. As Stated