Duties & Responsibilities of Office Assistant

  1. Appointment of employee as Trainee, Regular & Permanent:

After selection of candidate, Office Assistant will receive Application Form for Employment, Guarantor form & Acceptance letter from HR Executive. The Office Assistant will verify the Guarantor and after verification will get printed copy of following documents from website in his/her presence and get their signatures on every page:-

  1. Service Rules
  2. Rules for leaving service
  3. No due receipt
  4. Code of conduct for employee under training
  5. Code of conduct for regular employee
  6. Certificate of release of salary
  7. Duties & responsibilities of the joinee post

He should ensure that language of acceptance letter is the same as per website. Thereafter open the file of the employee by allotting no. & put up appointment letter as Trainee by completing all columns from the remarks of Manager (Admin) given at P-4 of Application Form and put up to Manager (Admin) through Back Admn. for signature.

After getting the signature of Manger (Administration) he will confirm the address of the new joinee and send copy of the appointment letter on mail to the candidate & Original Appointment Letter by post at the residential address of the employee. He/she will also submit a joining report on PF-53 and the Office Assistant will place the joining report in file and put to Manager (Admin) for posting. After approval, issue order of posting (PF- ). The name of the new employee should be included in the Attendance Register indicating the date of joining in the remark column. Entry should also be made in the Staff Appointment & Control Register (PS – 71)& issue the following items to the new joinee:-.

  1. One sim containing internet data.
  2. Company writing pad with one pen, pencil, sharpener, eraser etc.
  3. Provide Email Id for Office purpose
  4. Add him/her in applicable whatsapp group
  5. Issue office order of joinee as per specimen
  6. Identity Card
  7. Visiting Cards
  1. Attendance Register:

The Attendance Register is a statutory record, which is to be maintained as per rules. When an employee joins the company his name, designation, and nature of Employment (training, probation or confirmed service) and the Date of Joining to be entered in the Register and opening made for him/her to mark his/her attendance daily thereafter. Attendance Register is to be maintained month wise and hence at the beginning of every month, names of all employee shaving left the company due to resignation, or for any other reason, should be removed from the Attendance Register & Control Register (PS-71). At the beginning of each working day, before the commencement of office hours, the attendance register should be placed in the Front Office to enable employees to mark their attendance on arrival at the Office. Ten minutes after opening hours, it should be taken from there and placed before the competent authority, who will mark the employees on leave for the day and will also cross the column of employees, who have not attended office. In the evening before closing hours, the attendance register will again be placed at the Front Office to enable employees to mark their departure hours.

  1. Leave Register:

The Office Assistant will maintain the Leave Register. He/She should go through the Leave Rules of the company for correct maintenance and to enable employees to avail the benefit to different types of leave. He will also check leave demand by employees, who are irregular or ineligible, employees absenting without getting leave sanctioned or overstaying sanctioned leave. (PS – 72 & PL -102).

When an employee is put on probation, open a new folio for him and give credit of leaves for which he/she is eligible. Mark leave availment as per Attendance Register for each category like casual, sick, privilege, short leave and leave without pay etc.

In the beginning of the year (calendar year) give credit for all leave due/earned for the New Year and update the leave balance. He should be careful, not to carry forward casual leave, which expires at the end of the year, but balance of the credit of sick leave and privilege leave should be carried forward to the extent these can be accumulated as per rules.

An employee desirous of availing any type of leave, will submit an application on PF-55 &56 to his reporting officer. When the leave, except short/casual leave, is sanctioned by the competent Authority, a leave sanction order on form PF-57 should be issued to the employee and the leave needs to be entered in the Leave Record.

  1. Release of Salary:

On the first of every month, Leave Record of all employees for the previous month, to be submitted to the Accounts Department for calculation of their salaries and for disbursement on the 7th of the month on PR-36. Also collect this information in respect of outstation and field staff from respective controlling offices (i.e. Plant Incharge for Employees of Bottling Plant, Manager for Marketing Staff posted in the Field.)

  1. Regularization, Increment & Confirmation of Staff:

The Office Assistant will issue the self appraisal Performa on completion of Training period to the trainee who completed his/her tenure. After Sanction by competent authority, issue regularization order. In case of increment & probation he/she will complete all formalities for probation and increment as per procedure for regularization and submit salary variation report on (PF-58) with the Leave Record (PR-36) for approval of competent authority.

When an employee is promoted to a higher cadre by the competent authority, letter as per PF-54 should be issued. The new designation of the employee will be endorsed in the Attendance and Leave Registers. At the beginning of the next month, his name will supersede in the Attendance Register as per Rank/Seniority.

  1. Resignation Of Employee/Termination:

When an employee resigns/gets terminated from service, information about his dues to the company, may be obtained from all sections on PF-59 and issue relieving order for clearance of dues on PF-60.
Responsibility for over payment of salary in case of calculation errors will be on the concerned person. The responsibility of other over payments and non-recovery of our dues, will be on the office assistant.