Growth Opportunity at Individual level

Keeping this point of view, we would like to quote that every employee will not only get benefit for the short term but here you get life-long opportunity to explore your full potential. You have growth opportunity at each level. We believe to work in a transparent policy. So, all details regarding growth will be easily available on the ‘career’ page of the website and all the upcoming vacancies will be duly notified on the website on regular basis. Only then you will know, here you have a golden option to settle your career and life, especially while working in your comfort zone either by doing work from home or doing work in field based on your interest.  You can associate with us and get the opportunity to work here as a Business Consultant or freelancer from anywhere in India where you can also associate other people or your relatives in business as you want. In both cases, you will be rewarded as per your smart work. All the details are given on the “career” page as well as in “business opportunity” on the website. Being an independent worker, an induction programme is organized for you for a time period of 3 months as explained earlier. You will get training on different products and its benefits to compete for value and at the same time. If you want, you can survey your local area in your extra time and can establish your own business too. The harder you will work, the sooner you will get the success. During your induction programme, you will be able to formulate the go-to-market strategies, to work on the expansion of the market as per agreed strategies, start generating revenues, you can open your zonal office and hire your own marketing and administrative staffs. You will get opportunities to touch all kinds of heights. So, in this way the company provides you with the opportunity to work independently, depending upon your choice.

In conclusion, this is your chapter 1 and we would say being a part of PLL family you will get so many opportunities for you brighter career prospects. You have job stability, monetary and non-monetary benefits, growth opportunities job-wise, as well as at Individual level. I hope, this clears all your doubts regarding any insecurity for job. After assuring you about your job, our next focus will be to introduce you all with the company, where you are becoming part of our family. So, that will be your next chapter and for any doubt, you can contact the mentor at her No. 9599188255 or in your next sessions.