Growth Opportunity at promotional Level

Here, you have another great opportunity that, you need not to worry about your promotion. Usually, in Govt. and other companies, you will find that it takes years to get a promotion or annual appraisal. Here, you will find out that there is no bar on time limit for promotion or an appraisal. Here, we believe by providing a higher position with salary hike will be more beneficial and a classic motivation to an employee, which will also help them to make their own personal identity and increase status in the society. So, when an employee shows his/her calibre and potential to work at the higher position after receiving proper training, with the management decision, they will be appointed to next level with promotion along with very attractive compensation. It all depends upon how much determination, honesty and efficiency you are showing, towards work of the organization. We have many examples of those employees who got promoted at higher posts according to their performance without any time limitation, which you can find out by clicking on ‘staff’ on the ‘career’ page of the website. There you can find the list of all our employees, with designation and their salary details from the date of joining till present. So, after reading the website, you will be assured that, you will be benefitted and successful after being a part of Premier LPG Limited family. It all depends upon your hard work and determination.