Development of structure

  1. He should maintain records of every papers submitted with the company to revive day to day working.
  2. After execution of agreement, study responsibilities to implement in proper way given in the terms & conditions and agreement.
  3. He should know about the company in prefect manner through the training literature given on the website under the navigation “Operations” so that he can satisfy every customer/employee to whom he is enrolling in his business as company assures that its website is informative, not for sale of product only because for sale of products, website will be developed separately.
  4. As per company advise, if possible or feasible, he should start the work as ‘Customer Representative.’
  5. He should also select the persons at personal level for retailers/mini retailers, who has qualities of sale person and want to settle their life in good business in proper way. All the selected person may be invited at the time of inauguration of his office.
  6. After construction of godown, immediately pay Rs. 50,000/- for license & plan publicity in the area by consulting the business development manager/Business controller of the company and decorate his office as per guidelines of the company.
  7. As mentioned in projected profitability on website, start appointment of staff for office & sale representative with the help of Business Development manager so that they can be trained from Business Associate/company office as the case may be.
  8. After getting license, visit registered office of the company for execution of agreement & making payment for material and be in touch with Business controller for publicity material and inaugural function of his office.
  9. During Inaugural function, follow the guidelines given under the navigation of “Publicity” at website & spread network by appointing retailes/mini retailers. He should keep in mind to call the selected person also.
  10. Start digital marketing & remained in touch with Business Development Manager to complete the process of appointment of retailer/mini retailers to increase the sale in his area.
  11. During tenure, he should ensure that stock is being maintained as per requirement and terms of agreement for 3 days and place order in advance keeping in mind that “खाली दुकान मालिक को खाती है और भरी दुकान  ग्राहक  को” and similarly develop habit of the retailers/mini retailers appointed by him in his area
  12. However, he is free to contact the business controller for incentive scheme & publicity to boost his network.

In case of non satisfactory response from official staff, he can contact CEO of the company.