Guidelines to perform duties of Front Officer

Maintenance of Visitor Register Form

At the close of the day, the Visitor Register Form (PS-7) front portion should be completed from the Main Visitor Register placed at front office and sent to all persons on the same day who have attended the visitors to complete the remarks column & thereafter to CEO/CMD for his information. In case any person left the office, this work can be postponed for next day.  On the back portion of the visitor register form, summary of visitors (PS-25) to be entered from the Visitors Register.  He/she should ensure that he/she have got the report back duly signed by CEO/CMD on next day. He/she should also maintain the record in safe custody.

Maintenance of Visitor Classification Register

Visitor Classification Register (PS-25) back portion should be filled as per instructions given below:-

Category : Choose from 1 to 9
Nos.  : Nos. of visitors of category
SI.No. :  He will fill the of visitor register.
Name  :  Name from Visitor Register.
Purpose : Form relate to
Pages : Nos. of pages

Maintenance of Daily refreshment expenses & accountability

The  Front Officer  will attend the visitors and offer water bottle immediately on his arrival. After few minutes he should serve tea/coffee from the machine. In case, the senior officers advice to serve snacks etc. to some visitors, he/she should arrange same from the canteen and from outside if items not available in the canteen. Sometimes persons have to wait for long period, they should also be served with snacks. He/she should also serve lunch in case person are waiting for meeting or any staff members come for training etc. He/she will spend the money from his imprest account and fill up the form, which is self explanatory except which should be filled from Main Visitor Register.