Implementation of Company’s Publicity Programmes

Guidelines relating to company’s Publicity programmes are conveyed at our website under “publicity” navigation. These guidelines deal with the assigned roles of each level in the implementation of the publicity programmes. At one end are the dealers and distributor, who are both the organizer and prime beneficiaries of these programmes. Operational Responsibilities for the programmes have been delegated by the company to the Business Associates/Distributor & Dealer.

Company’s primary responsibility is for formulating and designing the programmes. These programmes are to be implemented and different geographical area. Careful planning and implementation will result in benefit commensurate with the cost incurred. Different levels persons have to play their role effectively. Towards end in view, specific roles for each level, i.e. Business Associates, Distributors, Dealers and Company’s representative are defined here, so that as a team the role played by each result in a coordinated effect. Initially, the first or second programme as sample of all categories will be conducted by the full participation of company’s representatives.

Business Associates

  1. They will hold and keep custody of all Publicity Material belonging to the Company on behalf of the company.
  2. All programmes, as per sample, at other centers will be conducted by the Business Associates themselves without depending on participation of company’s representative, who may however visit the place occasionally, as convenient.
  3. They will plan execution of different programmes on cluster basis in their Entire Region.
  4. They will also keep in making arrangement for locally hiring additional item needed (hiring of tables, chairs, van on daily basis etc.) to Distributor.
  5. They should also assess impact studies on each of the ongoing programme in their territory and submit feed-back information to the company for upgrading or revising suitably of programmes.
  6. They will coordinate efforts of each batch distributor and dealers pertaining to his area and prepare annual publicity budget and get commitments from each Distributor and his team of dealers.
  7. They should compile information about locally popular women’s magazines, General Magazines, Language News paper and recommend to us the most appropriate publication for release of our media advertisement.
  8. They will also procure circulation particulars and tariff rates of such local journals and newspapers for releasing our advertisements.
  9. They will also procure and submit information about publicity consultants, who specialize and undertake different types of local outdoor publicity in their area and the rates charged by them.
  10. They will study innovative publicity programmes being executed by dealers/traders of various-other consumer products in their area, and recommend suitable cost-effective programmes for adoption by us duly modified, if needed to suit our purpose through Business Associates.
  11. They will arrange press conference & publicity of inauguration of Distributorship.


  1. They have to work in coordination and under guidance of the business Associates.
  2. They should be fully familiar with the publicity policy of the company as explained in this guideline and further explain the same to the dealers.
  3. Distributor should play their role as leaders and bring about healthy coordination in the publicity programmes of dealers in their area.
  4. Complete implementation programme as defined in PL-53 & PL-54, PL-55


  1. Dealers should actively participate in the execution of the Publicity Programmes in their areas.
  2. Their first responsibilities will be to plan and coordinate publicity from the initial stage of commencement of their business viz.
  1. Lifting publicity material from the company/Business Associates.
  2. Getting sign Board of the Company at the shop, wall shutter painting as per guidelines given and organizing the inauguration of their shop.
  3. Programmes at the time of (before, during and after) inauguration of their shop should be planned in advance for sequential execution thereafter.

Responsibilities of company’s officers

Public Relation officer

  1. Coordination of Publicity Management with Business Associates.
  2. Procuring, holding and making available timely publicity material to business Associates Arrangement of publicity materials at plants to Distributors/Dealers as per their indent for sending with 1st order.
  3. Deputing Company’s painter to various places as needed.
  4. Arranging Media (News papers & T.V.) Advertisement.

Asstt. Manager (Publicity/Liaison Office)

He will coordinate and execute programmes initially at the field level with the business Associates/ Distributors. He will avail the service of Business Development Managers/sales Representative appointed by the business Associates & Distributor for further participation in such programmes.