The Inaugural function is an important event, since a careful and planned way of conducting this formality will bring positive result and lead to a quick start of dealer’s business. The objective is to secure a good number of New Connection on the very first day of commencement of business. This is possible only if good planning and focusing on the target (i.e. perspective consumers) is made.

  1. Dealer must have completed all formalities and received commencement certificate. Godown license may not immediately necessary as 100 kg. Of stocks can be stored in the shop & similar at other places as per Gas cylinder rules. He should get plan approved from Explosive Deptt. & he will under interim arrangement.
  2. The shop of the Dealer should have been neatly furnished with working Telephones, sign Board etc., publicity material properly displayed. Customer oriented stationary like bill books, security vouchers, customer Manual, gift with NC should be kept handy.
  3. Stocks of the quantity and all arrangement should be kept ready for quick delivery at the place of the customer, whenever a booking is made. Adequate quantity of items like LPG STOVE (ISI marked), rubber tubes etc. required for providing a complete LPG connection system should be available with the Dealer.
  4. The procedural and operational system literature received from the company are studied and the dealer and other operating staffs are fully familiar with the same.
  1. Planning of the function 
  1. Before preparation of the function decide the dignitary, local V.I.P. or any prominent person to inaugurate the function. Approach him after deciding suitable dates and secure his consent for the date selected.
  2. Permission for conducting the function, use of loudspeakers etc. if required should be obtained from the local authorities i.e. municipal & Police through letter(PS-39)
  3. Carefully prepare the invitation list, giving due importance to prospective customers and those, who will help us to promote our business.
  4. The function should be planned for the full day and consumers should be invited to visit the shop at any time of day convenient to them. This will enable the dealer to have a continuous flow off customers and not a onetime flooding of people at the time of inauguration. After discussion with VIP, programme timing should mention on invitation card and sufficient number of invitations be printed.(PS-37)
  1. Preparations for the function
  1. Arrange Tent house for the function to cover the estimated gathering. A gathering of 150 to 200 person initially followed by streams of 10 to 15 persons per hour thereafter.
  2. Arrange a good photographer to take a few snaps of important events during the function. Arrangement for video coverage of the day’s function may also be made.
  3. If there is a city edition or local press prominent at that place, send invitation to the edition and telephonically request them to send their scribes for the function. Provide special seats for the representatives from the press.
  4. Delivery boys may be given PREMIER T-shirt & caps. They should be familiar with installing the cylinder and removing the same and capable of demonstrating all safety precaution as stated in the Guidance manual given to the consumers. Additionally a few lady volunteers may be engaged for services on the first day.
  5. Have minimum target of 20 new connections for the inauguration day. Canvassing should start a least 2 or 3 days earlier. As and when orders are booked, the cylinders sets may be delivered and installed, but the bills, guarantee cards, vouchers, consumer manual etc. should be delivered only at the function by the chief guest. If the chief guest happens to be a male member, another prominent lady dignitary may be requested to deliver these items to the consumers, this will facilitate all such consumers attend the function and the business already done gets due publicity. Similarly for any new connection made or sales done at the sales counter on the inauguration day, the bills and other papers should be delivered at the function.
  6. As per publicity program for Dealers the inaugural function will be accompanied by one-week program of conducting an exhibition and mobile publicity drive. Detailed guidelines given for this programme should be studied and plan for conducting this programme simultaneously should be made. Contact the Business Associates/ Distributor for guidance (PL-65).
  7. Dealer should conduct Micro Level filed survey for 4 or 5 days prior to the inauguration of the shop. This will give additional publicity. Make necessary arrangement (PL-34).
  1. Conduct of the function
  1. Cloth banners displayed at street junction and wall posters posted on walls at all prominent place will give good publicity.
  2. The display material in the inauguration venue should be as per our literature PL-64. A representative of the company will attend the function.
  3. Sample stocks of each variety should be displayed at the venue of the function in a separate counter preferably near the entrance and declared as the sales counter to be looked after by a sales girl.
  4. Try to commence the function punctually. Keep in touch with the V.I.P. to inaugurate the function early in the day, so that he is reminded to arrive in time.
  5. Audios cassettes played should be melodious and noise level should be kept within limits. In between, PREMIER publicity cassettes may be played.
  6. There should be arrangements for receiving visitors. VIPS’s and important persons should be guided to their seats. Also give importance to the first batch of customers at the meeting and provide them special sitting arrangement.
  7. The welcome address should be brief by Announcer as per literature Pl-80 for dealer.
  8. The distribution of documents to the consumers, who have secured connections up to that point, may be taken up at this stage through VIP.
  9. While delivering vote of thanks to the VIP, the Dealer should note to mention that the function of inauguration has commenced and not ended the, consumer and other visitor may stay and witness the exhibition, which should be opened immediately. Thanks to be conveyed personally to all important visitors and to persons from the press.
  10. After the meeting spend some time with the special invitees and also with the press. Have a Tea meeting with the press with business Associates, when the Distributor may brief the press and present the salient features of PREMIER’s Marketing setup and the opportunities for dealer under dealership programme.
  11. Cares should be taken to remove excess chairs from the meeting venue. After the main inauguration is over. Some additional chairs may be kept near the sales counters and greater attention should be paid to the customers present and making enquires.
  12. The business having got inaugurated, the sole attention and emphasis should now shift to organizing sales and service and promoting the business.