The Distributor’s role is different from that of the Dealer. Distributor not only directly deals with consumers, but responsible for selection of Retailer/Mini Retailer in his area and makes supplies to them, as also looks after promotion of their business. The inaugural function should serve as a well-prepared starting point to initiate this process, with speed and diligence.

  1. When to inaugurate the Distributor’s shop
  1. Initiate District & Town Surveys much before inauguration to develop business in specific area. Distributor should be well versed with all the facts about the area. Prospective applicants for Retailership positions should be convinced that there is adequate potential in each sub-area, as per reliable statistics collected.
  2. The Distributor should have a thorough knowledge of the systems and procedures for appointment of Retailer/Mini Retailer and for guiding and training them in the operational procedures of running Retailership business. Towards this end the Distributor can be obtained copies of all relevant literature from the Company and studied the same for more working knowledge.
  3. Before inauguration the shop-cum-office of the Distributor should be properly organized i.e. Furniture, Sign Board & telephones properly installed, wall painting completed, Display Material exhibited, Needed Stationary and other articles procured. Prescribed pre-appointment/commencement formalities including payment towards initial order should have been complied. One office Asstt-cum-Receptionist & 2 Sales Representative should be appointed and get them trained from the company. In particular the items mentioned in PL-20 should be displayed prominently at the office premises of the Distributor.
  1. Planning for the function
  1. Before preparing for the function decide the dignitary, a prominent V.I.P. of the area to inaugurate the function. Secure his consent after fixing the date for the function.
  2. Permission for conducting the function, use of loudspeakers etc. as may be required should be obtained from the local authorities i.e. Municipal & Police Authorities through letter PS-39.
  3. Carefully prepare the invitation list & invite the people specially.
  • Locally prominent and socially reputed persons.
  • Small entrepreneurs, traders, small scale industrialists, Transport operators, owners of business enterprises, who are potential applicants for dealership.
  1. Plan the function agenda with a number of programmes spread through out the day, and not merely as a single high-profile event of a brief inauguration by a V.I.P.
  1. Preparations for the function
  1. Arrange Tent House for the function to cover the estimated gatherings of about 200 to 250 persons in according the number of invitations issued. There should be special programmes for briefing the press and one or two meeting with prospective applicants for explaining to them the salient features of our Retailership Scheme.
  2. Arrange a good photographer to take a snaps of V.I.P participation and other prominent events during the function. Video coverage of the programme may also be arranged.
  3. If there is a city editions or local press prominent at the place, send invitation to the editor and also telephonically invite them to send their representative for the function. (PS-40) provides special seats for representatives from the press. As stated earlier representative of the press should be treated with due attention and they should be properly briefed about the functions, highlights of our company and the special features of our services.
  1. Conduct of the function
  1. Display flex banners at street poles and affix wall posters at important places to give publicity to the function.
  2. Through sales is not directly the field of the Distributor, it is the back bone of our objective but there may be a sales counter in the function venue for looking.
  3. There should be eye catching posters and charts like details of eligibility criteria, career opportunities, potential surveys done at the place at the entrance of the venue for those visitor who are interested in appointment as Retailer.
  4. The unique features of PREMIER support service facilities to Distributors should be highlighted. Pictorial display of Company’s production facilities, the salient features of Company’s performance and services should be pinpointed. The most convenient and easy terms of business for Associates should be brought in the display materials (like very low initial investment, quick pay back facility, facility to operate from their own residence, and no need to construct big LPG Godown by Retailer and no need of Godown to mini Retailer. LPG statistics, business potential in each sub-area as per survey may be displayed through neatly prepared charts and displayed boards. Smarts boys and girls may be engaged to explain the exhibits to the visitors.
  5. The route to the function can be decorated by parking PREMIER umbrellas in rows at uniform gaps.
  6. Try to commence the function in time. Keep in touch with the V.I.P., who is to inaugurate the function early in the day, so that he is reminded to arrive in time.
  7. Audio cassettes played should be melodious and noise level kept at minimum levels. In between PREMIER publicity cassettes should be played.
  8. There should be proper arrangements for receiving visitors and VIP’s and important persons should be guided to their seats.
  9. The welcome address should be brief by Announcer as per literature PL-81 for Distributor.