It is the occasion when Business Associates, for the first time come across all persons with whom they desire to establish contacts in their business. It is wide contact programme where the message we intend to convey, reaches all the persons. It is the occasion to mobilize relevant persons to give a good start to the business. For positive results, it is therefore necessary that good attention is paid for the planning and organizing the function.


  1. A large venture approach, highlighting arrival of ‘Premier Gas’ & ‘Premier Auto Gas’ in the area.
  2. Area potential for business (this should be based on surveys undertaken and must give authentic details to attract prospective applicants).
  3. Premier strengths for meeting the large potential demand in the area along with Premier Highlights.
  4. Commercial & social benefits to the housewives of the zone, who do not presently get the clean & convenient fuel for domestic cooking or at their convenient time. Vast business opportunities for the deserving persons for appointment of associates in different categories of in the area. (Refer the gist of our chart for Associates).
  5. Operating in large area, the social and economic benefits that our project bestows to the area is an important factor’ ‘Pollution Free City’ and this should be focused before Government and other public authorities also.
  6. Highlight role of business associates under zonal system. An effective link between the associates and the corporate office of the company.
  7. An approach of high profile publicity for the company in the zone, linking media publicity, local outdoor publicity and point of purchase publicity.


  • Organize your office as per approved layout & design and bring it to functional level and collect sufficient quantity of Publicity Material. Display all credential, maps license, charts in your office as per guidelines in PL-69.
  • Select & appoint the first batch of Marketing Team and get them trained from the company, as per guidelines in the appointment letter issued to the Business Associates.
  • Immediately after their training, engage them for completing survey for District allotted, along with additional staff, if available, provided by the company guidelines for compiling ‘District Survey Report’ is provided in our literature PL-67.
  • Get prepared brief project reports for setting up distributor points in the district surveyed.
  • After completing District Surveys, please commence survey of important towns and villages. Guidelines for the same are also given in PL-67. There are dealer sub-areas in the zone. Prepare town/village surveys for a few places only initially.
  • Study the overall area potential, prepare an overall business development report for your zone as a whole. This will also give a broad picture to you about potential for business in your zone and this information will be useful, while canvassing for appointment of the company dealer/distributor.
  • Initiate pre-inauguration publicity in consultant with General Manager (Marketing) of the company.
  • Time schedule for completion of above 4 to 5 weeks from the date of appointment. Plan the work for completion within this time schedule on the day of getting your appointment letter from the company.
  • The inaugural function should be purpose oriented and serve as mass-contract & mass communication event. A quick start and to act as an accelerator for a good beginning of your business.


  • Arrange suitable venue by the side of, or as near as your office as possible to accommodate between 200 to 300 invitees.
  • Fix suitable date(s) for the function. Kindly also consult M.D. of the company, as he will personally participate in the function.
  • Advisable to have two more guest speakers, professional or knowledgeable persons, like Government official from Oil Industry/Ministry, Chief Executive Officer of any Government owned bottling plant in your area, Joint Chief Controller of Explosive of the Area. For this purpose, compile a list of all Oil Industry/Ministry & Explosive Department Officials having officers in your area. Also list President/E.C. Member of important Associations of traders (Chamber of Commerce etc.). Their presence will bring more attendance from traders and prospective entrepreneurs, who are our target group for appointment of distributor.
  • Prepare list of invitees (between 200 to 300) as per our discretion. Give importance to prospective entrepreneurs and traders engaged in distribution business, professionals, Institutional heads etc.
  • Collect names of all important persons connected with Press, Door Darshan, T.V Channel in the area, and include them in the invitation list.
  • Obtain permission for conducting the meeting and use of loud-speakers and conducting business processions (like umbrella show) during the occasion from the local authorities, as the case may be require. (PS-39).
  • Plan the function with events spread through full day and send invitations mentioning time wise agenda. The agenda may include an Umbrella show procession in the prominent part of the place in the morning hours (say 7 A.M. to 9 P.M.) before the function time. The Inauguration functions between 10 A.M. to 12 Noon. A small brunch may be arranged for all including press invitees meeting for clarification to prospective applicants for distributors in between by staff.
  • Get Invitations printed in-time and post preferably a week (or at least 5 days in advance) to all invitees.


  1. Literature relating to “Business Associates Scheme.”
  2. Area profile collected for the Zone including district -wise project reports.
  3. Premier Highlights.
  4. Support facilities to distributors (credit schemes, business target achievements by distributors & dealers, premier publicity support to dealer/distributors etc. & connected literatures).
  5. Unique facilities to consumer viz. consumer loan scheme, money back guarantee to consumers. Items/material to be used/displayed during inaugural functions.


  • Arrange a tent house for the function to cover the estimated gathering.
  • Arrange a good photographer to take a few snaps of important events during the function arrangements and video coverage of the function may be made.
  • Send invitation to editors of the Local Press (City/District editors). Telephonically, request them to send their scribe and cover the function events in the next day’s issue(PS-40)
  • Decorate Function hall with informative material. Type of items that can be placed inside are as under:-
    • Show-tables with Premier products at one or two places.
    • Boards painted with prominent features of our distributor scheme.
    • Boards filled with prominent features of our dealership scheme.
    • Enlarged map of the Business Associate’s Zone with distributor district marked in different colors.
    • Charts showing district wise LPG statistics & potential for LPG Business.
    • Highlights of Premier.
    • Premier production facilities, statistics about our bottling plants.
    • Chart depicting Premier facilities to the distributors.
    • Chart showing functions of distributors
    • Chart showing distribution network (from marketing division to dealers) depicting respect role/functions of each.
    • Customer Oriented policies of Premier (under banner heading “Premier & Customer Service”) on a display Board.
  • Two enquiry counters at one end of the Meeting Hall, for giving information to applications for distributorship and dealership & filling their application form.
  • Arrange a special enclosure of seats for press persons, and based on proper attendance by them; put a board in the row “Reserved for Press”.
  • Keep one row of VIP Seats. Keep a few chairs to be placed, when needed, when more persons of this category come to the hall.
  • Keep in touch with the Chief Guest and guest speakers and organize the meeting punctually as scheduled.


The business Associates can have more than one V.I.P. to address the meeting. There can be one socially well-known dignitary of the area to preside over the meeting, and professional/specialist either in Marketing or LPG Trade/Government Oil companies or Petroleum Ministry Level or retd. functionary connected to LPG to deliver the key note address. President of Local Traders Association, Chamber of Commerce may also address the function.


  1. Program announcer, who will also deliver welcome address.
  2. Introductory speech (brief) by the Business Associates.
  3. A Keynote address by a competent person (qualified & holding a good post) to stress the benefits (social & economic) that the Project will bring to the area.
  4. Speech by any other speakers (persons holding high respectability locally).
  5. Speech by M.D. of Premier LPG Limited.
  6. Inaugural Address by the guest speaker.
  7. Regular speech by business associates.
  8. Vote of Thanks.


Serve Tea for all & distribute gift items (Key-rings & caps)


There can be separate programmes as part of the main function or separately thereafter to the prospective applicants, by way of interactive session (question answer session) for explaining the following:

  • Distributor/Dealer scheme details
  • District wise business potential

Also associates marketing staff and if convenient, the M.D. of Premier LPG Limited also.


This will be an essential and necessary feature of the program of inauguration of business of Business Associates. If properly prepared and executed, this will give very good publicity and make the tasks of the business associates much easier. Associate the M.D. of Premier LPG Limited positively in the program.


  • Coinciding on the day of meeting releases Press Publicity announcing arrival of ‘Premier Gas’ & ‘Premier Auto Gas’ to the areas and establishment of the Zonal Office. Invite applications for Dealer and Distributors.
  • As stated earlier there may be a separate meeting (seminar type with participants asking relevant question to be answered by the Business Associates & his representatives) with prospective applicants on subsequent days at other centers of your zone.
  • Keep sufficient copies of literature for Distributor/Dealer. But these should be given through the counter set-up, after noting the names/address of each enquirer.
  • The overall aim of the function should be to get sufficient application for both Distributorship and Dealership.