Introduction of training module

Q.1 PLL working as a Parallel marketer since:

a) 1993      b) 1990      c) 1994     d) 2015

Q.2 PLL providing services of:

a) LPG      b) LPG & Auto LPG      c) Petrol & Gas     d) Auto LPG

Q.3 In which year Modi Govt. came to the power?

a) 2010      b) 2012      c) 2014      d) 2015

Q.4 How many chapters in PLL training module for employees & associates?

a) 4      b) 5      c) 8      d) 6

Q.5 What is the full Form of LPG?

a) Liquefied petroleum Gas      b) liquid product gas      c) light paraffin gas      d) light petroleum gas

Q.6 When govt Introduced Parallel marketing system in India?

a) 1994      b) 1993     c) 2000   d) 2001

Q.7 Why the training is required in an organization?

a) for perfection in work with minimum effort      b) to understand company system

c) To make employee liable      d) All of above

Q.8 how can company reduce over-burden from employee?

a) By giving training      b) assigning work as per capability

c) Time management      d) all of above

Q.9 what is the MOTO of company?

a) Providing brighter opportunity in carrier      b) to become leading LPG & Auto LPG provider

c) Increase business in PAN India level      d) all of the above

Q.10. Where we can find the favourable steps taken by the Govt. to promote in recent years Pvt. sector in LPG business?

a) About us      b) Parallel Marketing in LPG      c) Infrastructure      d) Operations

Q.11 what step has been taken by the Govt.  for private LPG sectors presently?

a) Govt. banned all the Govt. LPG sector’s companies.

b) Govt. is trying to give a parallel platform to private companies.

C) Govt. wants privatization.

d) All of the above are wrong statements.