Premier LPG Limited
Introduction of Training Module

Premier LPG Limited welcomes you all. We have been working on parallel marketing system since 1993, where we are providing services of LPG and Auto LPG parallel to Government oil companies i.e. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited. Since then we have been working & waiting for the future which had been given at the time of   introduction of the parallel marketing system, but never come in real because Congress Govt. couldn’t take any firm decision. Now, with the blessings of God, the Modi Government has done tremendous work for the country, like Ram Mandir, Article 307 etc. and took so many other firm steps to build independent India and for the private companies as well, after they came into power in 2014. We have got this golden time period where we did remarkable progress till now for which we have been waiting for the last 27 years. For referral, you can go through the Current State and Scope ( to 9) in Parallel Marketing on our website. With the Government’s support and our experience, we are doing lot of works to reach a milestone. Moreover, we have started focussing on implementation of our expansion plan, which was pending for so long.

While you have performed extraordinary during your interview round, you all have been chosen to be a part of our company as you have shown a mutual passion for our company’s vision and mission. Your passion helps us all to unite and the energy we create is what allows us to achieve our individual as well as group goals. During the next few sessions, you will learn about the different initiatives through our planned training programme. The main purpose of training is to integrate you into the company and make you understand the systems and procedures followed by the organization which will enhance your skills, capabilities and knowledge for doing your assigned job. Induction will help you to settle down quickly in the new work environment and give you a sense of belonging. Let me phrase an old saying for better understanding that,” every artisan works with the help of a hammer, but his value is created only when he knows where to hit from a hammer to get the work done perfectly in minimum efforts.” Based on this quote, we would like to mention that, you are not suppose to overburden yourself and there is no need to memorize everything while working here, but you must know how and where to find the required information on the website and you will get training for the same. We will explain you each and every aspect of business and where to find the required information on timely basis, but you must learn where to click to retrieve any information from the website and also you are required to remain updated by reading the website on regular basis. Only then it will be a successful training which will be fruitful to both employers and employees of an organization. You will become more efficient and productive only if you get trained well and understand the structure of the business.

These training sessions will help you to familiarize with the organization’s mission, vision, rules, regulation and working conditions. It will help you to minimize your mistakes and increase your productivity. The more efficiently you will work, the better chances you will have to get promotion and to become a company asset. To continue, for your ease, entire training session is divided into six chapters and will be delivered in the next 10 days. During the training period, your regular timing will be 09:30 a.m. to 04:00 p.m., with a lunch break of one hour. Each day, single chapter of training module will be delivered to you, and next day in the first half you will be examined, which will start with your query session and group discussion for an hour followed by a written exam, where you can also refer the website to answer your questions. After completion of training module’s chapters in six days, for the rest of your training time period, practical training will be given to you, so that you have practical knowledge of dealing in the market for better results.

As mentioned above, following are the list of all chapters with their sub-parts of your training module:-

Chapter 1: Career

  • 1.1 Stability of Job
  • 1.2 Benefits to join Premier LPG Limited
  • 1.3 Growth Opportunities at promotional level
  • 1.4 Growth Opportunities at Individual level

Chapter 2: Brief about the Company 

  • 2.1 Parallel Marketing System
  • 2.2 History of the company
  • 2.3 Infrastructure and upcoming projects
  • 2.4 Management Structure
  • 2.5 Implementation of expansion plan

Chapter 3: Product, Price and services

  • 3.1 LPG in Cylinder
  • 3.2 Installation of Gas Bank
  • 3.3 Installation of Auto LPG
  • 3.4 Operations
  • 3.5 Prices
  • 3.6 Services

Chapter 4: Business Opportunities

  • 4.1 Marketing Strategies & Structure
  • 4.2 Category of Association ship and its aim
  • 4.3 Publicity and promotional activities

Chapter 5: Responsibilities of Staff

  • 5.1 Administration
  • 5.2 Marketing
  • 5.3 Accounts
  • 5.4 Plants & ALDS
  • 5.5 Controlling Officer

Chapter 6: Administrative Rules and Code of Conduct

  • 6.1 Service rules
  • 6.2 Leaves Rules
  • 6.3 TA/DA Rules
  • 6.4 Rules for leaving
  • 6.5 Code of Conduct

Conclusion of the training Programme

To wrap these, in the end, we will say, you all have seen tough times during CORONA pandemic. Now you have been associated with Premier LPG Limited who wants to become the leading service provider of LPG and Auto LPG in India and planning to work on PAN India Level. We assure you that the company provides you with all opportunities for your brighter career prospect if you work hard and efficiently. We have a diverse job force where there is no geographical limitation which means, you have the option to work for the company, from your home town in your comfort zone. In the next chapter, you will come to know that your job is secure in Premier LPG. In the one month training period only, you will get 50% of your salary as stipend and you will be given knowledge about all the job responsibilities, which will be very useful to you in your professional growth. After training, if your performance is not as per the requirement of the job you have applied for, then also you have the opportunity to join the company for some other roles. Once you are associated with the company, there is no time bar for promotion and increment. We will explain this in detail in the next session.  So, see you all in our next session. 

Wish you all good luck.