Job Profile of HR Executive

Recruitment of staff
The HR Executive will send his requirement for a particular post at the Job portal after consulting with the Manager Administration, by giving Job Title & Number of vacancies open with Qualification, Experience, CTC & Description of Duties etc. The payment required for the same may be made with coordination of accounts department.

On receipt of response, HR Executive will shortlist 10 times applications of suitable candidates of vacancies for interview. As per our experience, we have seen that people sent their resumes without going through the roles & responsibilities, so executive will forward mail as per draft letter (D-). Under the present situation, some employment agencies demand money from the candidates, so HR Executive will also call the shortlisted candidates as per Graphical Representation Chart. Shortlisted candidates should be checked by the Back Admn. (Administration) & approved by the Manager Administration.
On receipt of filled application form and pay slip of last drawn salary, Executive will check all the columns are filled properly and if found some column left or incomplete, executive will send him/her mail to clarify the same after approval from Back Admn. (Administration), there should be no hesitation in making queries from the candidate.

Only after receiving duly filled Application Form or clarifications of the queries, executive will present the application in front of Back Admn. (Administration) for discussion on his/her past experiences and expected salary. If executive find any uncertainty or lack of conviction in the Application form, executive will note down all the points and send an email to the candidate asking for the clarification on those points again.

After receipt of the reply on the queries, the executive will discussed them with the Back Admn. (Administration). If Back Admn. (Administration) finds all the replies up to the satisfaction level then only executive will send him questionnaire to give answers. It should also be made clear to the candidate that it is an open book test, in which he/she can seek help from the website.

On Receipt of duly filled Questionnaire, if he/she secures more than 60%, executive will schedule Zoom/Skype Interview Round with Manger Administrative as per the convenient time and date of the candidate and Manger Administrative. For Zoom/Skype round Executive will do the prior setup as per the schedule date and time for the smooth conduction of interview.

During Zoom/Skype round, Executive will also assess the other aspects like- Good team player, Leadership quality, Communication skills, Effective listener, Comprehensive skill, Ability to accept challenges, Self-confidence, Determination towards hard work and willingness to achieve results. Executive will do the further discussion with him/her on previous service records & particularly the reason of changing job, if Executive feels that he/she is changing job on the call of competitor company, such candidates should also be briefed about the bound term that he/she will not join any other parallel marketing company within six months of resigning from our company. On this clause an affidavit will be required. While moving towards the end of the interview Manger Administration will also give chance to the candidate for clearing his queries and for salary negotiations. At the end of the zoom/Skype round Executive will put his comment on comment box in Application Form for the consideration of Manager Administration for finalization of the candidate.

After selection from the competent authority and If the candidate agree on offered salary and shows interest in joining, he/she should be issued Acceptance Letter Format, through mail which is required to be filled in his/her own handwriting and to be submitted either personally in the office or via his email. The candidate is required to give confirmation of acceptance of company’s norms and joining date. On receipt of Acceptance Form, the executive will issue the Guarantee form to the candidate for completion. On receipt of Guarantee form, the executive along with all documents will hand over the Guarantee form to Office Asstt (Estt.) for issuance of Offer letter and joining as per guidelines given to him/her.