Parallel marketing means, where a product is selling by private companies parallel to the government companies. Initially, LPG was sold by the government oil companies’ i.e. Indian oil, Bharat Petroleum, Hindustan Petroleum, but later, Govt. opened new door for the private sector by introducing parallel marketing system in August 1993 to sell the LPG without subsidy. Now, both are selling LPG parallel in the market and sooner there will be equal platform for both as we have explained in Chapter-1. However, now we will advise you to go through the navigation ‘Parallel Marketing’ on our website to know the details on following aspects: –

    1. History of LPG & creation of parallel marketing system in India;
    2. Initial hardships;
    3. Overcoming the hardships;
    4. Stumbling blocks for parallel marketers;
    5. Current state and scope;
    6. Some cautious facts for consideration;

During all the time since its inception our company gained a lot of experience whereas many companies come but did not stand in the market. We have established ourselves in a way, which will be the reason for us to become India’s ‘Leading service provider of LPG and Auto LPG’.