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Sub.:   Potential Survey in your District for LPG Supply.

Dear Sir,

We are a Public Limited Company established in 1993 and the Leading Supplier of LPG in Northern India. We own/operate a chain of bottling Plants and one cylinder Manufacturing unit.

We may submit that the Government of India permitted private sector participation in LPG import, bottling supply and Distribution to make the cooking fuel universally available to the common man at all places, since the Government has a huge backlog in respect of applicants for new connections. There are a number of centers where the Public Sector Oil have not set up Distributors.

It is our earnest interested to establish Distributor points in your District and made the LPG available in very town and village to all sectors of the population. LPG is a domestic fuel and its use leads to pollution control (characteristics thus a social cause and purpose. Towards this objective we are deputing our representative Shri._______________________ to survey the area and prepare a profile of the District to assess the potential demand and existing supply.

We request you to patronize our Endeavour and provide our representative statistical Data about the District and oblige.

Thanking you

Your Sincerely
For Premier LPG Limited

Manager (Admn.)