PR-2 Details of the Auto LPG Dispensing station already running (to be submitted by associate/marketing person)
PR-3 Survey report for domestic unit
PR-3A Survey report for commercial unit
PR-4 Certificate for wall painting by dealer and distributor
PR-5 Command Area survey report
PR-6 Town/village survey report
PR-7 Proposal for conducting Inaugural function by dealer/Distributor
PR-8 Report on inaugural function by dealer/distributor/ Business Associate
PR-9 Report on publicity programmes
PR-10 Stock and Stationary Items Report
PR-11 Details of the Industries located in the area using LPG
PR-15 Report from surveyors
PR-16 Report by sales representative
PR-26 Progress report by dealer
PR-27 Progress report by Distributor
PR-28 Progress report by Business Associate
PR-29 Progress report by Zonal Manager
PR-36 Leave record of every month as per month wise
PR-41 Daily Working Report plant
PR-42 Report from plant
PR-52 Training report to be submitted by trainee managers
PR-53 Training report to be submitted by trainee in clerical cadre
PR-54 Report of assessment of performance of probationary employee
PR-55 Proposal for release of increment/promotion after probation period and during service
PR-59 Employee service record