Products, Prices and Services

3.0 Importance of knowledge

Today’s consumers are digitally connected, socially networked and prefer to have gathered all the required information on the products which they want to purchase before they even speak with the sales person. However, an consumer may approach you with a difficult question for which you need to be prepared. It also makes our first impression about the company, if our staff is adequately equipped to convert the prospective customer to fruitful and tip the scale toward a win situation for our organization.

For better result, customers need to trust the person they interact with before they make a purchase and by now, you probably know that there is peer pressure on that person who gives information about the product first time to customer and is weighted heavily than any other sources. This makes it vital for the sales team to be seen as trustworthy sources of information. As mentioned earlier, customers enter into conversations armed with information about the product. Imagine, if what the website says to a customer and what they hear from the salesperson is not the same, it eliminates all trust in not only the company but also in the customer representative because they don’t know who to believe.

In short, I would say, knowledge is powerful for our sales team and will be the reason for increasing the revenue of the company. So, following are the benefits of having good knowledge about the product.

  1. Strengthen the communication skill with customer
  2. Boost enthusiasm
  3. Grows confidence
  4. Assists in overcoming the objection.

I hope you all understand the importance of knowledge about the product so, to begin we divide this chapter into six parts which will explain all about the products of our company.

3.1 LPG in the cylinder: 

We divide the LPG cylinder into three parts i.e. domestic, commercial and Industrial. We provide mini cylinders and big cylinders of different sizes with the refilling facility. When you click on product navigation on the website, after reading all details you will be able to understand all the plus point of using LPG and also, when & where it can be used. When you click on the big cylinder, you will know where it can be used for commercial and industrial purpose.

3.2 Installation of Gas Bank:

In case of bulk requirement, A Gas Bank or a Reticulated Gas System is a centralized cylinder storage bank to the end user’s point through the pipeline. The Gas is supplied from a centralized cylinder bank or bulk storage installed within the premises. This centralized distribution system supplies gas in absolutely safe system and is the best alternative to the conventional LPG distribution system. We at premier LPG can also provide the Installation of LPG gas bank services from third party. This is systematically executed by a team of qualified professionals and other support staff, in user-defined specifications.

3.3 Installation of Auto LPG:

Due to economical and environment friendly fuel it has encouraged an increasing number of vehicle owners to convert to Auto LPG. Low costs of infrastructure and conversion, easy availability, the versatility of use and of course an impeccable safety record make auto LPG a viable, unalterable, environment-friendly alternative auto fuel in India. You will know about the importance of auto fuel, its advantage, benefits to the environment and most important you will know why Auto LPG is generally preferred to CNG when you click on Auto LPG tab under product navigation on the website.

3.4 Operation:

To know about the operation of the company, you need to click on operation navigation on the website where you will be able to understand the LPG cylinder and Auto LPG refilling process. In the case of LPG, you will understand the process of transportation of LPG from refineries to bottling plants. Only tested cylinders are stored for delivery. New empty cylinders before filling are passed for air cleaning through purging gun. Quality Control and fire protection systems are also installed at the site. Cylinders are not allowed to be thrown or rolled from one point to another and should be handled carefully and safely. All our cylinders are BIS and PESO approved and is periodically tested as per Gas Cylinder Rules. In the case of Auto LPG, you will know about the receiving process to Auto LPG dispensing station as per explosive rules. All our stations are installed by an approved Auto LPG Installer authorized by the Chief Controller of Explosives (PESO), Nagpur. It is worth mentioning that although LPG is bought in kgs. but is sold in ltrs.

3.5 Prices:

To know about the price of all available products you need to click on Customer price list navigation on the website where you will find the consumer connection rates of cylinder available at different sizes with the segregated price of all required items like security, document charge etc.. The LPG rate of our company also changed on 1st of every month as per international market and also being changed by Govt. Oil companies. We do not provide subsidy to the domestic customer whereas rates are most probably same for all uses. However, rates for some states, i.e. PatnaDelhi, GurgaonKolkata and Bhiwadi are mentioned at the website, whereas for all others states, is similar to the LPG rates of PSU companies. You will also find the application form for domestic cylinder, commercial cylinder for single use as well as for the commercial gas bank.

3.6 Services:

Services are crucial part of an organization on which a large number of customers based upon. You can find all available services at the home page.  You will find a separate section of our services to consumer and benefits of our connection at Customer price list as mentioned above. The unique services is provided by our company is connection in instalments with guarantee of supply, in case of failure in supply on the part of the company, no need to pay instalments. The details of loan scheme are also available at customer price list when click consumer loan scheme.

In this way, you will be familiarized with the product their price and all the services we provide to our customer. You are required to read every point carefully and make sure to understand the product of the company. It is the most crucial chapter which will be beneficial for every employee.

‘Best of luck’