Progress Report by Zonal Manager

(to be submitted to company)
Consolidated position of all PR-28 received from Dealers
Refer guidelines for preparation of the report given on the reverse

1.Name of Zonal Manager: 2. Code No :
3.Place 4. Period :
A) Dealer/retailer/consumer (with details of NCs issued)
Particulars Opening Additions through Deletions Balance
Surveyors SR BDM MM Direct Total
Dealer (No)
Retailer (No)
Mini retailer
B) B) Stock /turn over during the period
Particulars 17kg 15kg 12 kg 4kg 2 kg 33 kg PRS Seal caps Chimneys Attachments Others
Opening balance
Closing balance
c) Refill Service- Empty cylinder returnable D) Defective cylinder
Received Returned Difference Previous returnable Total returnable Returned Received Balance
E) Complaints & suggestion from customers
Particulars Outstanding at the beginning Recd. During the period Disposed during the period Outstanding at end of month Remarks
Technical Complaints

Self-reports/ remarks of Zonal Manager:


(Zonal Manager)

Details of reports enclosed may mentioned hereunder


S. No. Name of Business Associate No. of PR-27 enclosed No. of PR-26 enclosed

Guidelines for preparation of the report:

Zonal Manager should enclose the report received from dealers on PR-26, PR-27 & PR-28 received from business Associates to this report i.e PR-29

  1.  This information source from which this report is to be prepared partly by consolidating the reports received from distributor on PR-28. Find aggregate sum of each column of the report on PR-28 and incorporate the aggregate figure in the respective column of PR-29.
  2. The Marketing Manager at the zonal office, head office of the ZM should get the report prepared and put up to the zonal manager for submission to the company.
  3. Self-report of : ZM may mention information, which he considers important or relevant.