Proposal for conducting Inaugural function by dealer/Distributor

Name of the dealer/distributor/
Business Associate (Ticked one)
Name of BDM who will organize/function
Comments on the arrangement made ( Reply)
1 Layout of office as per design/standard Yes/No/N.A.
2 Telephone is operative Yes/No/N.A.
3 Statutory formalities have been completed Yes/No/N.A.
4 Whether initial order placed? Yes/No/N.A.
5 Whether all publicity materials lifted Yes/No/N.A.
6 Whether all relevant literature on supply secured? Yes/No/N.A.
7 Whether shop is equipped with adequate stationary forms etc. Yes/No/N.A.
8 Whether necessary staff had been appointed/trained? Yes/No/N.A.
9 Whether sales under interim procedure started if godown is no yet licensed? Yes/No/N.A.
10 Whether town survey for the place has been completed? Yes/No/N.A.
11 Whether S.R. Started business promotion work at the center. Yes/No/N.A.
12 Whether sales counter will be operated in the function venue? Yes/No/N.A.
13 Whether place of stall has been arranged for a week? Yes/No/N.A.
14 Arrangement of rickshaw of mike & stall has been obtained. Yes/No/N.A.
15 Permission for procession of milk & stall has been obtained Yes/No/N.A.
16 Consent letter from VIP, who inaugurate the function has been obtained Yes/No/N.A.
17 Whether grass root planning process started. Report to be attached? Yes/No/N.A.
18 Whether staff as provided in paragraph 15 to 17 of Pl-19, was appointed & trained on the job before inauguration? Yes/No/N.A.
19 Has the distributor applied for grant of license for godown construction to the CCOE? Yes/No/N.A.
20 Was the prescribed road show for distributor will be organized and conducted at the place? (refer PL-82 annex module 2) Yes/No/N.A.
21 Whether demarcation of sub-area for each dealer under the distributor properly done? Yes/No/N.A.
22 Whether the details of our dealership scheme, highlighting the unique opportunities will be avalibile to the dealers displayed in the venue of the inauguration hall? (refer page 2 item-D conduct of function, sub-items 3 & 4 of PL-53) Yes/No/N.A.
23 Whether special counter will be opened in the venue of the function to attend interested applicants about dealership scheme? Yes/No/N.A.


                                                                                                     Sign of dealer/Distributor


Signature of BDM/Mkt. Mgr