Report on inaugural function by dealer/distributor/ Business Associate

1 Name of the dealer/distributor/
Business Associate (Ticked one)
2 Code No.  
3 Place  
4 Name of sales Representative/BDM/ MM (Write concerned field officer)  
5 Date of inaugural function  
6 Name of the VIP who inaugurated the business  
7 Name of other prominent participants, if any.  
8 Approximate No. of invitees, who attended the function  
9 Press participation, if any (give details)  
10 List of speakers  
11 Special/unique features, if any ( i.e. novel items not provided in our literature observed).  
12 Rating of the function Very Good/Good/Satisfactory
13 Whether Micro level filed survey was conducted, before or immediately after the function, if so, give details.  
14 Whether publicity as per module No. 1 to 3 of PL-82 was conducted. If so attach PR-9, if not submitted  
15 Was any problem faced in organizing the function as per our guidelines?  
16 Any suggestions of making our guidelines more results oriented and cost competitive (Comment in particular about publicity component)  
17 What is the assessed impact of the function, in the view of our dealer/distributor in respect of serving as a start for his business promotion?  
18 What if the general view expressed by prominent visitors, local public about the arrangement made for the function. Was any reporting about the function in the press? If so, give details & cutting of newspapers.  
19 Was any reporting about the function in the press?
If so, give details 7 cutting of newspapers.
20 Remarks/suggestions of dealer/ distributor  
21 Remarks/suggestions of BDM/MM  
22 Remarks/suggestions of Mkt. Manager