Reporting system-reports from marketing team
(dealer, distributor & business associates)


Value & important of direct Reports from Dealrs /Distributor

Reports that we receive from our Marketing Team enable us to know accurately the progress of our business. It pinpoints the strong and weak points of performance. This knowledge helps in planning corrective action and to extend a need oriented services & support by our field staff to our marketing team. Direct reporting is therefor the only source for building a dependable and regular information and statics about our business that we get from our marketing team, should indicate the following:-

  1. Adequate stocks are available with dealers to meet customer needs of NCs and Refills.
  2. Efficient customer service is provided in all places.
  3. Business growth is satisfactory, as targeted.
  4. Serve as a source from dealers & distributor to study their own progress and make correct planning.

Report from field staff (SR/BDM)

Reports from marketing staff will not serve basic statistical information, but they will be useful to enforce accountability and performance of these officers. They are also useful for providing specialized information on specific like, publicity, program, conducting of inauguration function, prevalence of illegal trading in LPG products etc.

Responsibility of timely and correct submission of reports

Both distributor & business associates at their respective levels will be the coordinators for the due and punctual submission of the bacis statistical report, Distributor should educate Dealers under their jurisdiction for the correct preparation and punctual submission. Business associates in turn can use the form of monthly group meetings with Dealers/Distributor for stressing this point. However, SRs/ BDMs have a responsibility to assist the dealers/ distributor/ business associates respectively for proper record maintenance and submission of reports.

Reporting system-role at each level

Dealers have direct contact with consumers and hold the responsibility of business promotion. Information on regular basis on performance is to flow from the dealers to distributor, where it should be consolidated. In turn the Distributor will also submit the consolidated date to the business associates, who will consolidated the zonal performance and forward the same to the


Company. Data at the level of the Zone will be computerized, for operational efficiency and accuracy, company will consolidate the performance of all Zones and arrive its own aggregate

performance for the period. Additionally the company will also assess the performance at the level of the zones, distributors & dealer individually.

Monthly progress report (MPR)

This monthly report is the foundation of our information system about business performance and business result at all levels. It is very important that dealers and distributors at their level promptly submit the report without errors/omissions to the business associates, who in turn have to consolidate all the Reports and submit individual and consolidated reports. For easy understanding, the flow of information from level to level is shown in following table:-

Form no. Sender receiver Action to be taken
 PR-26 Dealer to distributor  At Dealer Level
Dealer will maintain their records like stock register,consumer membership register, complaint & suggestion Register & turnover register up to date, which will easily facilitate preparation of this report. The report for each month to be prepared latest by the 3rd of the following month and the completed report duly signed by the Dealer should reach the Distributor, by the 5th of the following month. Dealer at his own level will assess his performance and look for ways & means of removing shortfalls detected in the performance. He will discuss the matter with the BDM, During later’s visit.
 PR-27 Distributor to business associates  At distributor level
Distributor will collect reports and consolidate the data from all dealers & prepare PR-27 fro the distributor area, as per guidelines given on the reverse of the report from & submit to business associate by 10th of every month.
 PR-28 Business associate To zonal manger   Action at level of business associate

Business Associate will study the individual performance of each Dealer and Distributor and note the strong & week points for discussion in the meetings of distributor/dealers and BDMs. They should consolidate the total report of their zone on PR-28 and forward to the zonal manager with the report 26 & 27 received from each distributor with enclosures latest by the 15th of the month. Major observations on performance of specific distributor/dealer as warranted, may be incorporated in the report by the business associate under “Self Report” column.


 PR-29 Zonal Manager To chief Coordinator (company) The report fro each zonal manager’s jurisdiction will be submitted by the ZMs on PR-29 by 20th. The report received will be carefully scrutinized checked by the staff at the marketing department of the company, with reference to performance of each dealer/distributor, also taking into account their own “Self Report”. Thereafter the Marketing Division will put up obdervation/Suggestion applicable to specific dealers/distributor and also action plan to be followed by the Business associate at their level and company as a whole will be complied by the Chief coordinator on PR-30. These Reports to be made available to the CMD through business controller upto 25th of the following month.


  Chief Co-ordinator To CMD Comments/Observation of CMD
These may relate to action to be taken at the Company’s Level. Or at the level of the zonal officer. These will be communicated for compliance to the appropriate level by the Chief coordinator.
  Action at Company’s Level will incorporate its observation in the respective reports (Dealer/Distributor & Business Associate) and return the whole set of reports to the Business Associates through zonal manager. However the company will incorporate the statistical business data in the reports in its computer for its record.
  Follow up action at Zonal Office on return of the reports (PR-26, PR-27, PR-28) with Comments.
  The business Associate will draw agenda items relating to each Dealer grouped according to Distributor based ion the observation/ suggestion from the company. They will discuss these observations in the next meeting of Distributor/BDMs and secure acceptance from them of specific action plan for implementing observation/suggestion. Alternatively the business associate may also call individual groupwise meetings of each distributor with his associated dealers and BDMs may have detailed meeting of their progress in-depth.