Premier LPG Limited
Chapter – 5

Responsibilities of Staff

Responsibility is the state or fact of being accountable for something; Responsibility allows them to exercise autonomy with the expectation that they will feel more invested in and, therefore, will perform better, more efficiently and more creatively. If they actively practice accountability and responsibility at the workplace, they tend to feel more prideful and take the ownership of their actions. This also builds trust and secures a bond between the company and the employee, which drives business results. Responsible workers are more engaged and hold themselves accountable to deliver results. Workplace responsibilities such as executing their job duties or following HR guidelines is important because it leads to a smooth functioning  of business and a safe and compliant working environment. As an employee, fulfilling their job duties is one thing, but investing them in their work and holding them accountable to deliver their best results, transforms the work they do and how their performance is perceived. Apart from the individual responsibilities, every employee is responsible towards the business goals of the company. Conventionally each department head looks to the objective and interest of their departments/division without involvement of other department or creating burdens for them. Under teamwork, each department head should visualize himself as a part of the corporate structure of the company and should accept the total business objectives of the company, as part of his responsibilities. He should look to his department functions as part of a contribution to the overall objectives of the company. This example is to be kept in mind, that “together we stand”, the other situation is “divided we fall” (failure of one person in team is failure of all). Each department Head should therefore make their contribution towards the success of the overall “Corporate Goal.” To understand the responsibilities of staffs is important because, it will help them to determine the structure, that those who is responsible for which task and who is the concerned person to contact in case of requirements. So, they must be aware of the responsibilities of each and every staff to avoid any unnecessary chaos. We have assigned the responsibilities for each job roles, for details they may visit the ‘career’ navigation on the website and click on ‘responsibilities’ tab. To understand the responsibilities of staff, we have divided this chapter into five subparts.

Note: The ‘responsibility’ part of the website is secured by a password, which will be provided to them in future.

5.1 Administration:

The administrative management in a company is the key and serves as a basis for the execution and making tasks potentialized to meet the objectives set by the company and contribute to survival and growth of it. So, the administrative staff of the company monitors, manages and assesses each element of the business, keeps records and analyses each department’s information regularly to ensure, everything is running according to the plan. So, when they visit the ‘career’ navigation on website and click on ‘administration’ subpart under the ‘responsibilities’ head, they will  know about the administration structure of the company which includes the post along with the responsibilities of front officer, recruitment officer, correspondence officer (HR), correspondence officer, procurement & supply officer, manager(admin) and company secretary. When they click on these sub-posts they will know the duties and responsibilities of each position in details.

5.2 Marketing:

The Marketing Department plays a vital role in promoting the business and mission of an organization. It serves as the face of the company by coordinating and producing all materials representing the business. It is the Marketing Department’s job, to reach out to prospective customers, investors and the community while creating an overarching image that represents your company in a positive light. It’s important to keep a strong marketing department intact regardless of the economy so you remain visible and keep sales strong. Company will run complete marketing department at the corporate level from corporate office, which is well equipped for planning, execution of policies, direction, monitoring and regulatory control. So, to know about marketing staff, they need to visit the ‘career’ navigation on website and click on ‘marketing’ subpart under the ‘responsibilities’ head, which includes the post of customer care executives, business executives, business development executives, business development manager, zonal manger. When they click on these posts they will know the duties and responsibilities of these positions in detail.

5.3 Accounts:

Accounting gives information to the management regarding the financial position of the business such as profit & loss, cost and earning, assets and liabilities etc. For taking the right decision, Management depends on statistical data and information that accounting provides. It also prevents the misuse of assets, increases production and profit, controls cost and helps to increase the efficiency of the overall management. The accounts department has overall control of company’s accounts and is responsible for compliance with statutory regulations (PF, ESI, Gratuity, Bonus etc.) & taxation matters (GST, Income tax etc). So when they visit the ‘career’ navigation on website and click on ‘accounts’ subpart under the ‘responsibilities’ head, they will know that the accounts department includes sales officer (accounts), accountant and auditor. By clicking on these posts, they will know the duties and responsibilities of these positions in detail.

5.4 Plant & ALDS:

Company is having two bottling plants and four Auto LPG dispensing stations in UP running under different categories. When they visit the ‘career’ navigation on website and click on ‘plants & ALDS’ subpart under the ‘responsibilities’ head, they will familiarize with the responsibilities of the staff posted at our bottling plants and gas stations i.e. filler, loader, helper, plant supervisor and assistant manager (operations). Assistant manager (operations) and plant supervisor are responsible for the overall supervision and management of the plant. They will find all the duties and responsibilities for each position in depth by clicking on a particular post.

5.5 Controlling managers:

Controlling managers are responsible for overall control of the business and answerable for every action taken by their subordinates. Though, it is the responsibility of entire team to perform their duties efficiently but controlling mangers will be accountable for entire team. When they visit the ‘career’ navigation on website and click on ‘controlling managers’ subpart under the ‘responsibilities’ head, they will find that we have different post for controlling purpose i.e. marketing controller, business controller, General Manager (operations). By clicking on these posts, they will find the duties and responsibilities of these positions in detail.


So, this is their chapter 5 which elaborates about the duties and responsibilities of staff. It will be beneficial for them, as in case of any internal vacancy or if they think that they are suitable and eligible for any of the above mentioned positions, they can apply for in house recruitment, after completion of their training period. So, while serving their duties in premier LPG their need to read all responsibilities very carefully and follow all administrative rules and code of conduct, which will be their next chapter. The more efficiently they work by following all guidelines and code of conduct there is a higher chance of getting an earlier promotion. So, stay focused and in case of any query they can contact the mentor in their next session.