Inaugural function to be organized by Dealers Speeches to be Delivered

Scope for guidelines

Different person will be addressing the gathering on the occasion of Inaugural function of our Dealers, viz. Distributor and Business Associates etc. The purpose of this note is to project the context sensitive subject matters that are relevant to the occasion and the information, which if presented, will be in interest of a receptive audience and contribute to the success of the function.

Dealer’s Inaugural function

The meeting should be oriented to the common public in general and to the prospective consumers of the place to whom the message though the forum of this meeting is intended to be conveyed. The Dealers interest is for getting sales started and vigorously pursued, and this meeting should serve as a springboard for an accelerated starting of the sales drive.

List of Speaker & topic to be covered by each welcome address by programme announcer

As the organizer of the function, dealers may select a suitable person as programe announcer for the proceedings of the meeting, the announcer should initiate the proceedings with welcome address, which should be brief and intended to welcome the chief guest and other important invitee/participants. The announcer at the end of each item may also thank the person/speaker, who participated in the particular item.

Introductory speech by the Dealer

The introductory speech should be brief and summarized i.e. without elaborating too much on details subject to be covered.

  • Welcome the chief guest on his part.
  • Welcome the audience present and assure your uninterrupted service to them.
  • Mention that you are proud of getting the dealership of No.1 Parallel Marketer in North India, known for their commitment of unfailing supplies to Dealers.
  • Mention the product Range and how each product will serve particular purpose.
  • Mention your working hours & weekly holiday.
  • Mention that new connection will be provided immediately on asking.
  • Inform that refill service will be provided within 2 days (as the outer-limit).
  • Mention about door service & telemarketing facility.
  • Assure about prompt attendance to technical problem.

Specific points to be mentioned by Distributor.

The Distributor should explain his role and make the following assurance

  • Assure uninterrupted supplies and accept your role & responsibilities for holding adequate stocks in your godown for meeting day-to-day requirement of the dealer.
  • Mention about customer service facilities redressal of customer complaints on spot and also mention about customer care facility.

Speech by locals & important person

One or two person may also be given opportunity to speak, by way reflecting consumer views. Select person of balanced and moderate views.

Specific points to be mentioned by Business Associates.

The business associates may address the audience after the distributor. As the apex level PREMIER representative, he should represent the company in his speech. He will start his speech by reading a message for the function from the CEO of the company. His speech should include the following.

  • Highlights of PLL. (Production Facilities, past, record).
  • The marketing setup and his overall role for the zone.

Business Associate acts as a local head office for all dealers & distributors in the 10 district under their jurisdiction.

  • Their job is to bring within reach PREMIER fuel to everyone in the area, by establishing new dealer and Distributor centers and organizing distribution service on systematic basis.
  • Unique features of Premier (service oriented innovativeness)
  • Vision to bring Premier gas to every home within the zones.
  • Widest product range to suit needs of different customers.
  • Consumer loans on easy terms to bring Premier use to the large number of low income groups.
  • Premier money back guarantee, its significance and purpose.
  • Premier’s adherence to quality.

The speech of the chief Guest

The chief guest is the V.I.P of the area. Normally they will have wide public contacts and are good ex-temper speakers. Our duty is to brief the chief guest with relevant materials. They

Focus our message to the common citizen. Descriptive literature/pamphlets about the highlights of Premier LPG; Our Marketing setup; consumer Loan scheme; dealership scheme should be distributed before the meeting. There will also be sufficient material that he will draw from the speeches of dealer, Distributor & Business Associates.

Vote of thanks

This should be addressed by anyone connected with the establishment of the dealers, or by the persons who acted as the announcer for the proceedings. Vote of thanks should be in the form of a concluding task and submit in brief, but coverage should be without omitting relevant persons, who are to be thanked. Cover persons, who are important, and persons who have provide and type of support to us. Also cover potentially useful persons, like press, publicity persons etc. in the vote of thanks, the dealer may also make announcement if important matters that he needs to convey to the consumers regarding refills orders, regarding PREMIER etc. further programmes organized for the day including the conducting of exhibitions by the dealer should be explained to the audience and their cooperation/attendance solicited.