Training schedule

As described in the application form for employment, one month training will be given as per schedule given below. During this period, first day training will be given and in the next day there will be a   group-discussions on the last discussed chapter in which, the mentor will first clear the doubts of every trainee, if any. Thereafter, a questionnaire will be given for a test to check the caliber of all the trainees. Then the next chapter training will be given. During training, the mentor will check the interest of each trainee of every category because, he/she must submit a report on the last day of the training of each trainee whether, he/she has put any doubts or take part in discussions with intention to learn or create any unhealthy atmosphere. On the next day and lastly, the mentor will submit reply on FAQ (calibre). At the end of the full training, the mentor will give a certificate of  successful completion of training to the eligible candidates according to their calibre.

For all categories 

Day 1 : Introduction of training module.
Day 2 :
  1. Points to be discussed on Introduction of training module.
  2. FAQ on introduction of training module.
  3. Chapter-1 (Career)
Day 3 :
  1. Points to be discussed on career.
  2. FAQ on career.
  3. Chapter-2 (Brief about the company)
Day 4 :
  1. Points to be discussed on Brief about the company.
  2. FAQ on Brief about the company.
  3. Chapter-3 (Product, price and services) partly.
Day 5 :
  1. Chapter-3 (Product, price and services)
Day 6 :
  1. Points to be discussed on product, price and services
  2. FAQ on product, price and services
  3. Chapter -4 (Business opportunities) partly
Day 7 :
  1. Chapter -4 (Business opportunities)
Day 8 :
  1. Chapter -4 (Business opportunities)
Day 9 :
  1. Points to be discussed on Business opportunities.
  2. FAQ on Business opportunities
  3. Chapter -5 (Responsibilities of staff)
Day 10 :
  1. Points to be discussed on Responsibilities of staff.
  2. FAQ on Responsibilities of staff.
  3. Chapter-6 (Administrative Rules and Code of Conduct)
Day 11 :
  1. Points to be discussed on Administrative rules and code of conduct.
  2. FAQ on Administrative Rules and Code of Conduct
  3. Group discussions concluding training programmes.
Day 12 : Training about job responsibilities of each trainee, till the trainee understand his duties and responsibilities with reporting including sales and marketing for field persons will be given. The detailed schedule for each category is being provided separately. Thereafter, all the trainees with their certificate of training from mentor will report to Correspondence Officer (HR) for further posting.