Summary of terms for a business consultant
Eligibility criteria The applicant should be well educated and belong to a marketing profile.
Infrastructure Can work from home
Security deposit Rs.1.0 lac against 5% simple interest per annum on maturity.
Franchisee fee ₹. 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand) only one time with security deposit (Non Refundable).
Terms of appointment Three years with the provision and further renewal by mutual consent.
Jurisdiction/area Anywhere in India
Statutory Provision Agreement with company
Rates Changed as per the international market for every month.
Refer customer price list.
  1. To select and recommend suitable person for appointment as distributors/ dealers/retailer/mini retailer/ dealer (auto LPG)/business associates in accordance with the terms & conditions of the company in his area.
  2. To help in getting all formalities completed by his associates for quick commencement of their business with the company as well as the local authorities.
  3. To help his associates in appointment of their staffs and train them in all respects.
  4. To conduct various publicity/advertisement programs in his area including at the places of his associates, as per guidelines and policies of the company. He will also acquire an approval from the head office of the company for any publicity program that he would like to run or if required by any of his associates and make related arrangements for refund of expenses incurred by the associates as per policy of the company.
  5. Intensive business promotion and sale of company’s products.
  6. In case of discontinuance of association by any associate with the company either on completion of tenure or premature, the BC will make alternate arrangement of the associates in his place.
  7. To keep information of competitors in/around his zone and advise the company from time to time, to protect and build the image of the company and maintain the same.
  8. To watch and submit details of any illegal activity in his zone, to the company, to catch people who either sell duplicate products or use subsidized gas for commercial/industrial purpose or fill small cylinders in an illegal manner etc.
  9. To do any other work assigned by the company from time to time at present/in future regarding increase the business.
  10. Reports required by the company have to submit by the business consultant from time to time.
Return on investment 3% on investment of level-II & III & 1% of level-I associates (Refer all category in Summary chart under Business associate Navigation).
On sale of LPG Rs.0.25
On Auto LPG Rs.0.05 p.ltr.
Support from the company
  1. Training to sales representative, accountant, clerk and any other staff appointed by the business consultant at business associate/company’s office.
  2. Provide printed stationery at reasonable rates, if desired by the business consultant.
Publicity Share basis with company & business associate
Submission of report/returns Submit periodical reports/returns to the company
Surrender of association 3 months’ notice in writing but not before one year.
Arbitration clause In case, any dispute arises between the parties, it will be referred to the sole arbitrator appointed by managing director of the company and jurisdiction will be Delhi only.
Miscellaneous provisions
  1. The acceptance or rejection of the application is at the sole discretion of the company.
  2. The company reserves the right to change, amend, add or delete any/all clauses without any notice.
  3. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of Delhi courts only.
  4. All terms and conditions have been framed in English language and translation options are for understanding purposes and facilitate the visitors only. In case any difference is found in translation, English version shall be final and binding.
  5. These are general terms and conditions; the contract/agreement executed between the parties after negotiations shall be final and have an overriding effect on these general terms and conditions.
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