In the areas Bhiwadi, Rewari, Gurgaon, Manesar, Delhi, mini retailers can be appointed immediately even without appointment of distributor/dealer in the area but in other areas, mini retailer will be appointed only after appointment of dealer/distributor/retailer.

  1. The person should study the proposal carefully& understand all the columns i.e. customer price list, detailed terms & conditions, projected profitability & list of documents to be submitted and investment required for the business. If some enquiry comes in mind, without hesitating, he should clear from company on phone or if possible by personal visit.
  2. Interested applicant should fill up application form completing all columns & attached the documents as per details in annexure-XIII. He should keep one copy of application form & documents with him for his record. He should ensure that all information in the form is correct because his associtationship will be granted on the documents/information submitted by him. In case of false statement found any time during the period of agreement, his mini retailership will be cancelled and security deposit will be forfeited.
  3. Forward the application form along with forwarding letter (D-2) to company with payment of D.D./Cheque/Pay Order/online at website of Rs.1100/- (Rupees one thousand one hundred) only on account of processing fee (non-refundable).
  4. On receipt, company will scrutinize the documents, in case of any doubts, clarify from the applicant and if the particulars/details are not correct, reject its form. If company finds everything ok, the applicant should pay the security deposit of Rs.10,000/-(Rupees ten thousand) only and the amount of Rs.10,000(Rupees ten thousand) only for the material as per terms & conditions with the company, by D.D./Cheque/Pay Order/online at website so that agreement can be executed.
  5. On receipt of amount of Rs.20,000/- (Rupees twenty thousand) only, the company will issue receipt for the amount received and open new file with no. and execute the agreement for mini retailership on stamp paper of Rs. 100/- and notarized from the “Notary Public”. After execution of agreement, issue appointment letter with documents mentioned in the statutory requirement with copy to plant in-charge for dispatch of order & publicity material. The plant in-charge should ensure that 1st order should be supplied within 2 days & further next day positively.
  6. On receipt of material from plant, he can start his business after placing the poster in his premises. Further he should contact BDM of the area for establish his business with the help of surveyors, liasiong assistant. He should place further order with the company in time with payment, so that supply may not suffer. In case, in his area some distributor or dealer is appointed he can place order with him with payment and get material from him. In case of any difficulty in procuring the material from distributor/dealer, he can approach the company for the same.
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