Detailed working for surveyor

  1. He should be in a position to answer basic questions about the product, company and distribution system including the price charged by the company. All this information is availibile on our website and also will be provided by the associates when consignment given to him.
  2. He should wear t-shirt/shirt and cap with the special badge made exclusively for them and will be provided by the associates.
  3. He should proceed to the allotted locality and visit house after house & shop after shop at the time when people of area feel easy.
  4. Each survey team should consist of two persons. One of the batch members may be engaged in asking the particulars questions, while the other may be writing down the answer, should cover minimum 80 houses or 60 shops per day in 8 hours and submit tabulated details of the questionnaire on PR-3 & PR – 3A respectively provided by the associates.
  5. He should adopt an formal, courteous and friendly attitude. He should not insist for replies to any of the questions, if the householder/shopkeeper hesitates to reply.
  6. He should introduce himself to the head of the family/shop or any responsible member present and inform the purpose of his visit regarding sale of LPG in legal manner & hand over our pamphlet showing benefit for consumer & use of domestic gas for commercial purpose is illegal.
  7. Proceed methodically. Try to finish each house within 5 to 8 minutes and cover about 10 families per hour. Those who have already LPG connection of govt. oil companies and express satisfaction about the services, are of less interest for our purduct. Here you have only to probe, if they offer any potential for buying our products i.e mini cylinder & stoves. Those families, who are aggrieved about the present service, or do not have an LPG connection, can become our members. Similarly, concentrate for commercial connection as per guidelines contained in our literature PL – 36 – selling techniques for new connection available with associates.
  8. If any householders express interest in our connection, petromax or stove, note their names and advice the distributor/dealer/retailer/company/customer representative as the case may be, to make a demonstration of the products to them. If, he is ready to take, immediately fill the application form (either commercial/domestic connection). & inform the distributor/dealer/retailer/company/customer representative as the case may be immediately. Report with booking on daily basis may be submitted to the dealer of the area on PR-3, PR-3A & PF-5 for record & execution. He should also take follow-up at regular interval to ensure whether the connection has been installed or not.
  9. On completion of the consignment of the area alloted or at the end of the month, he will submit report to distributor/dealer/retailer/company as the case may be to release his dues on PR-15

Surveyors Summary of terms Step by step action