55 PF-55 Application for Short Leave (RMC)
2 PF-56 Leave Sanction Order
3 PF-57 Order for Leave Sanction
4 PF-80 Authorisation Letter to Agent of RMC
5 PF-80 A Authorisaiton Letter to Agent of RMFS
6 PF-81 Approval of Bye Laws from ROC
7 PF-82 Form CF-1-Detail of Directors
8 PF-83 Form for deposit of ByeLaws fee.
9 PF-84 Form CF-V-Details of Security to be submitted with group to ROC
10 PF-85 Request for transfer of Chit Ticket
11 PF-86 CF-VI Form for transfer of Chit to ROC
12 PF-87 Minutes of Proceedings of Chit.
13 PF-88 Application Form for release of security.
14 PF-90 Membership Form
15 PF-91 Acknowledgement of Receipt for Membership Form.
16 PF-92 Authority Letter for Bid in Auction
17 PF-93 Clubbing Form with Membership Form.
18 PF-94 Voucher (RMC)
19 PF-95 Individual Guarantee Letter (RMC)
20 PF-96 Joint Guarantee Letter (RMC)
21 PF-97 Demand Promissory Note (RMC)
22 PF-98 Guarantee Detail Form (RMC)
23 PF-99 Full & Final Settlement (RMC)
24 PF-100 Receipt Book (RMC)
25 PF-101 Computerised Receipt (RMC)
26 PF-102 Deposit Slip (RMC)
27 PF-103 Pass Book (RMC)
28 PF-104 Intimation Card to RMC Subscriber
29 PF-105 NTB Deposit Book
30 PF-106 Customer Card – (East)
31 PF-106 A Customer Card-(West)
32 PF-106 B Customer Card-(North)
33 PF-106 C Customer Card (South)
34 PF-106 D Customer Card (Central)
35 PF-24 Sanction for Purchase of Material
36 PF-25 Proposal for placing print order
37 PF-26 Purchase Order
38 PF-27 Stationary Printing Indent
39 PF -28 Defective Material Receipt Report
40 PF-29 Yatra Log Book
41 PF-30 Bin Card
42 PF-31 Visitors Pass
43 PF-32 Gate Pass (Good  Out-ward) Not for sale
44 PF-33 Certificate for Retailer
45 PF-34 Proposal/sanction for publicity
46 PF-35 Requisition for Photostat
47 PF-36 Cash/Cheque deposit slip
48 PF-37 Installment due statement for the month
49 PF-38 Installment paid statement for the month
50 PF-39 File Deposit Slip
51 PF-40 Complaint Voucher
52 PF-41 Debit/Credit Voucher
53 PF-42 Approval for Tour Programme
54 PF-43 Daily Tour/Fare Detail
55 PF-44 Local Conveyance Incurred by staff
56 PF-45  
57 PF-46 Details of Lodging & Boarding
58 PF-47 Request for Tour advance
59 PF-48 Requisition for new receipt Book
60 PF-49 Petty Cash Performa
61 PF-50 Relieving Order
62 PF-51 Staff Strength Revision Proposal
63 PF-52 Application for Employment in the Company
64 PF-53 Joining Report
65 PF-54 Promotion Order
66 PF-55 Application for Short Leave
67 PF-56 Leave Application
68 PF-57 Order for Leave Sanction
69 PF-58 Salary variation statement
70 PF-59 Resignation Form/NO Dues Certificate for Employee on resignation/Removal
71 PF-60 Relieving Order from service
72 PF-61 Salary Release Slip
73 PF-62 Confidential Report by Employees on Job performance.
74 PF-63 Circulation of Master File
75 PF-64 Process of Survey/Sales Representative
76 PF-65 Identity details for Employee for Issue of Identity card
77 PF-66 Certificate to Surveyor on Contract
78 PF-67 Application for INSTA Refill Service from Consumer-Closed
79 PF-68 Dispatch instruction for consumer deliveries to delivery man
80 PF-69 Transfer order for Refill
81 PF-70 Insta News Circular (Monthly)
82 PF-71 Application for settlement of account (Retirement/Premature of Dealership)