Auto LPG is a green fuel which is safe, environment friendly and Economical. It is being sold at various outlets all over India. Premiere LPG also has its Auto LPG stations in Etawa(U.P) and is growing more across India.

Why LPG for Vehicle

LPG was allowed to be used as an ‘Auto-Fuel’, vide Gazette Notification No.393 of August 2001.Here are the reasons why LPG to be used for vehicles:

  • Safe and Eco-friendly
  • Reduces engine noise and vibration
  • Economical & Efficient
  • Cannot be adulterated
  • Improves engine life and reduces recurring maintenance cost
  • Flexibility for dual use of Auto LPG and Petrol
  • Conveniently located dispensing stations for easy filling.

Growth of Auto LPG

Warming up to all the action with more than 800 stations in the country now and a 300% growth in Auto LPG sale & stations in the year 2015, India is expected to cross the 200 TMTPA (Thousand Metric Tons Per Annum) this year. As it all builds up with Auto LPG being already available in more than 550 cities in the country with over 1200 stations running. For instance, UP has 43 stations running and 27 more would come up within a span of another six months and Rajasthan has 51 stations running and above 100 stations are due for completion very soon. The summaries of licensed stations along with the approvals as on 5.11.2017 from the CCOE for all states are available at and with complete details.