Big Cylinder comes in the capacity range of 6 Kg, 12Kg, 15 Kg, 17 Kg and 33 Kg and these  cylinders can be used for the following purposes as per the customer requirements:

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial purpose
LPG Geyser lpg-geyser Geysers running on LPG are easily available in the open market and our cylinders of any size can fitted to run the geyser which gives instant hit water.
LPG Generators lpg-generator The generators running on LPG are far more silent and hassle free as compared to Diesel generators.
Food Industry food Commercial LPG is widely used in the food industry like Hotels, Restaurants, Canteens etc. and is the most preferred fuel in this industry.
Iron & Steel Industry iron The metal industry is indeed one of the most important consumers of LPG. Most widely used for cutting, heating and melting. Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are frequently cast into shapes by melting and injection or pouring into suitable patterns and moulds. LPG in the instant case is an ideal fuel for meeting the requirement of temperature regulation and desired quality.
Glass & Ceramic Industry ceremics The manufacture of glass / ceramic products is complicated by a numerous chemical reactions which occur during the process. The use of a clean fuel like LPG enhances the product quality thereby reducing technical problems related to the manufacturing activity. LPG being a gaseous fuel gets easily regulated and compliments the heating process.
Glass melting is a huge operation and involves massive supply of heat. Usage of cheaper fuels may lead to technical problems resulting into poor quality of products. LPG being a far superior fuel, helps in eliminating such hurdles during the melting process.
Steam Raising Industry steam Coals, Furnace Oil & Natural Gas are the most economical fuel used in Steam raising industry. Though it is economical, it is undesirable as it causes pollution. Natural gas being a gaseous fuel needs pipelines to cater such requirements, so the Premier LPG becomes the most demanded and preferred fuel.