Duties & responsibilities of Front Officer

Visitor attendance

It is based on the recognition that a visitor coming to our premises is the most important person and we should welcome them with a smile. Front Officer is the image builder of the company. Being the first person whom the visitor meets on coming to our premises, the impression created at this point in the customer’s mind, builds his perception about the company. The Front Officer should therefore develop the job-qualities, viz.,

  1. To be courteous and pleasant in conversation.
  2. Be brief and convey relevant information sought for by the visitor.
  3. Quick and prompt attendance of visitor’s work.
  4. Demonstrate sales person qualities while dealing with new customers approaching you. Try to convince them and satisfy their points with the literature available at website for different purpose. They should get the satisfaction that they have obtained the information immediately for which they came to our office. If the work cannot be completed at Front Office, guide them to concerned person for dealing.

All the visitors should make entry in the Visitors Register. In case some visitors hesitate, Front Officer should complete the entry. Register for staff & maintenance staff should be maintained separately.

Records to be maintained

  1. Visitor Register
  2. Visitor Register form (PS – 7)
  3. Visitor classification form (PS – 25)