Proposal for release of increment after probation period and during service

(Col. 1 to 8 to be filled by employee)
1. Name of employee: 2. Designation:
3. Date of joining: 4. Date of probation:
5. Salary on joining: 6. Present salary:
7. Particulars of leave availed by the employee since date of last increment (state nature of leave, no. of days availed under each category including unauthorized absence, loss of pay etc.)  
8. Self appraisal by employee (Attached separate sheet)

Signature & name of employee

(Col. 9 to 12 to be filled by reporting officer)
9. Performance 


  1. Accuracy
  2. Speed
  3. Neatness
10. Attitude 
  • Towards customers
  • Towards superior
  • Towards colleagues
11. Amount of proposed increment & salary after increment  

Employee’s strong and weak points with grading:

Signature of reporting officer

Comments of reviewing officer

Signature of reviewing officer

Approval of competent authority with signature