Step by step action by freelancer & company

  1. The person should study the proposal carefully and understand all the columns i.e. list of documents to be submitted and investment required for the business. If some enquiry comes in mind, without hesitating, he should clear from company on phone or if possible by personal visit. Interested applicant should fill up application form completing all columns. He should keep one copy of application form & documents with him for his record. He should ensure that he has attached the complete documents as per details in annexure-XIII with the Application Form. He should also ensure that all information in the form is correct because his association-ship will be granted on the documents/ information submitted by him.
  1. Forward the application form along with forwarding letter (D-41) to company with D.D./cheque/pay order/cash of Rs. 1,100/- (Rupees one thousand one hundred) only on account of process fee (non-refundable).
  1. After receiving the application form from interested party with online payment on website or D.D./ cheque A/c payee payable at Delhi/New Delhi clearing, the company will take following actions:- 
  1. Check all columns of application form duly filled in and documents received. If found ok, open new file and allot file no. Issue receipt of payment and send original copy to applicant by courier with forwarding letter (D-3) and in case, payment received by cheque, he should wait for realization of the cheque.
  2. Incomplete forms liable to be rejected at the sole discretion of company.
  3. The applicant should be called for personal interview or on zoom with the competent authority. 
  1. After final selection, he should submit 2 Govt. Guarantor with Id proof & execute agreement to get the authority letter for selection of the persons interested for association-ship in any level in accordance with the terms & conditions prescribed by the company for unrepresented areas. 
  1. Company will execute agreement and verify the formalities completed by him. After successful verification, issue appointment letter as Freelancer with authority letter (D-43) (D-42). 
  1. On the receipt of the appointment letter from the company, he can start working in area to introduce the persons as associates on the terms & conditions prescribed by the company & promote our business by sale of company products through them. His projected return per annum will depend on the business volume that he brings to the company which should be more than the expectation or mutually agreed terms between him and company.
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