1. The person should study the proposal carefully & understand all the columns i.e. projected profitability, list of documents to be submitted, investment required for the business etc.. If any other information required, without hesitating, he should clear from the company on phone or if possible by personal visit. Presently, the company offers to sell Auto (LPG) at the rates of PSU’s in the area. He should particularly enquire from the revenue department whether his land can be used for ALDS & what are the development/conversion charges of land for the same because the total project depends on it and he has to deposit the charges on this account other than the investment specified in the terms & conditions. The applicant has to get the NOC for land from D.M. or D.C.P. (licensing) as applicable.

2. Interested applicant should fill up application form completing all columns & attached the documents as per details in annexure-XIII. He should keep one copy of application form & documents with him for his record. He should ensure that all information in the form is correct because his associtationship will be granted on the documents/information submitted by him. In case of false statement found any time during the period of agreement, his dealership will be cancelled and security deposit will be forfeited.

3. However, if he wants any assistance, he can request the company to send consultant for the same against charges. He has to pay Rs.3000/- (Rupees three thousand) only for his remuneration per day plus AC-III tier return journey ticket and boarding & lodging of middle class hotel. He can request the company by sending letter (D-1) and advance of Rs. 3000/- (Rupees three thousand) only with the promise to pay the balance amount to the representative when he visit your site for survey, before submission of his report.

4. Submit the application form along with forwarding letter (D-2) to company with online payment from website or D.D./cheque/pay order of Rs.1,100/-(Rupees one thousand one hundred) only on account of processing fee (non-refundable) & Rs.10,000/-(Rupees ten thousand) only on account of verification of documents/visit charges at site.(non-refundable but adjustable).

5. After receiving the application form from interested party with online payment on website or D.D./ cheque A/c payee payable at Delhi/New Delhi clearing, the company will take following actions:-

  1. Check all columns of application form duly filled in and documents received. If found ok, open new file and allot file no. Incomplete forms liable to be rejected at the sole discretion of company.
  2. Issue receipt of payment and send original copy to applicant by courier with forwarding letter (D-3) and 2nd copy place in file with copy to consultant along with all documents/map received from the applicant for further action. In case, payment received by cheque, he should wait for realization of the cheque.

6. After receiving the documents with map, consultant will scrutinize the documents/map particularly 100 meter radius, if documents are not proper as per requirement, consultant should clarify from the applicant and if he found the particulars/details not favorable, he should inform the company for refund of amount to party with regret letter to the party (D-4). If he finds everything ok, issue letter (D-5) to applicant informing the date of his visit for verification of documents and dimensions at site with copy to company.

7. In case of regret letter from consultant and on receipt of original receipt from the applicant, the company will refund the amount immediately by letter (D-6).

8. After receiving the letter from consultant, the applicant should make arrangement for stay of consultant and should be present at site on the date fixed by consultant for visit and co-operate with him in all respects. Applicant will further provide necessary information like khasra no. and location of plot with respect to the nearest mile stone on national highway, railway station, city or town giving approximate distances, approach route and also information regarding any other houses or dwellings, factories or open land etc. falling within a radius of 100 meter from plot and other details as per SMPV(U) Rules 1981. He should also be ready with balance payment of Rs.1,90,000/- (Rupees one lac ninety thousand) only on account of approval of drawings from explosive department.

9. On visit at site consultant will discuss the details with applicant and verify the documents. He should physically check the dimensions of layout plan at site submitted of 100 meter radius particularly that land meets the requirements as per guidelines for requirement of land for ALDS. If consultant finds everything in order, he should ask the applicant to transfer the balance payment on line in company’s acctt. or handover the D.D. in favour of company for approval of drawings. On getting D.D., consultant should handover D.D. to the company (D-7).

10. After receiving payment, company will send the receipt of the same by regd. post by letter (D-26) and will direct the consultant to start preparation of drawings including key plan, layout and installation layout, sectional elevation based on drawings/sketch with detailed measurements & their documents in accordance with SMPV (Rules) 1981.

11. After completion of documents and layout plans/drawings, consultant will send his representative to dealer for correctness of drawings and checking of site area & get the signature of dealer on office copy of plans and collect MOU for lease of land for 20 years and NOC from the land owners and thereafter submit the drawings along with documents to C.C.O.E. (D-23) for approval. After getting approval of the layout plans, the consultant should check the website of CCOE to confirm approval of plans and inform the dealer & company. Consultant should keep in mind that total process should not take more than 45 working days.

12. After receiving the approval from C.C.O.E., the company will send the copy of approval to the applicant with the request to deposit Rs.3,00,000/-(Rupees three lac) only (non-refundable) on account of issue of LOI (D-24).

13. After receiving the approval, the dealer will make payment on line in the company’s acctt. or submit D.D of Rs.3,00,000/- (Rupees three lac) only on account of LOI.

14. On receiving of payment on line or D.D. of Rs. 3,00,000/-(Rupees three lac) only, the company will issue receipt for the same and send to the applicant on letter (D-22) along with draft lease deed with resolution authorizing someone to sign the documents on behalf of the company for execution of lease deed at Sub Registrar office (D-27).

15. After receiving copy of draft lease deed, dealer will purchase the stamp paper of value as per rates applicable at site & complete the documents from ‘Deed Writer’ for registration with Sub Registrar & inform the authorized representative of the company to visit Sub Registrar office along with original copy of resolution & rubber seal of the company of authorized signatory to execute the lease deed. After getting registered lease deed from Sub Registrar office, the dealer will submit the same to the company with letter (D-28).

16. After receiving lease deed, company will issue L.O.I & prepare about 10 sets of documents along with forwarding letter addressed to the district authority of the area (D-29) and handover to dealer for getting N.O.C.

17. After receiving of documents, the dealer will submit the same to the D.M./D.C.P (Licensing) as the case may be. The dealer has to make efforts at personal level for getting N.O.C. from respective department because everywhere he has to spend money in the shape of chanda/donation etc. to get his NOC in time otherwise, every department can take long time.

18. However, the dealer can handover this work to consultant against charges as settled between the dealer & consultant. It is long process because the competent authority will send the presentation to 8-9 departments for getting NOC. It is the duty of the dealer (auto LPG) that he should inform the company from time to time & send the copies received from each department. This work should be completed within 3 to 6 months.

19. After getting N.O.C., the dealer will deposit the same with the company (D-30) along with amount of Rs. 20,00,000/- (Rupees twenty lac) only in case of DODO scheme for supply of tank of 10,000 liter capacity or Rs. 25,00,000/-(Rupees twenty five lac) only for 20,000 liter capacity & other material as 1st installment and will start the construction work of boundary wall at site in all cases & office in case of CODO & DODO scheme which has to be constructed at his own cost besides the payment made to the company.

20. On receiving the payment, the company will issue the receipt for the same and send to dealer by letter (D-31). Simultaneously, company will inform the installer to supply the tank and start the work of installation at site and place the order of other items required for the ALDS particularly dispenser and ask the dealer for completing the construction work at site as well as make arrangement for beautification of the ALDS with canopy.

21. After receiving of tank & other material at site, the dealer will inform the company to insured the goods & he will make arrangement for boarding of labour and start the construction work so that installation can be executed by the installer in time. As soon as the work is started by the installer, the dealer of DODO will pay 2nd installment of Rs. 30,00,000/- (Rupees thirty lac) only to the company for procurement of material for balance machinery (D-32).

22. On receiving payment, the company will issue the receipt and send to the dealer (D-33).

23. After completion of work in all respect at site, the company will ask the dealer to pay Rs.5,00,000/-(Rupees five lac) only to the company for issue of License from CCOE by letter (D-34).

24. On receiving of letter, the dealer will pay Rs.5,00,000 (Rupees five lac) only to the company by RTGS or DD as per his convenient and inform the company by letter (D-35).

25. On receiving payment from dealer, the company will send the receipt to the party (D-36) as well as direct the consultant to submit the documents with forwarding letter addressed to the Chief Controller of Explosive, Nagpur to get the license.

26. After receiving the directions from the company, the consultant will submit the documents to C.C.O.E for getting license (D-37). After getting license from C.C.O.E, the consultant will hand over the copy of the memorandum issued by the Chief Controller of Explosive to the dealer under intimation to the office by letter and advised the dealer to visit the office for execution of agreement and deposit of security amount of Rs. 5,00,000/- Lac (Rupees five lac) only (D-38).

27. After receiving of memorandum from the C.C.O.E the dealer will visit office of the company with stamp paper of Rs 100/- purchased from Delhi/Bhiwadi in the name of company with rubber stamp of his firm to execute the agreement of dealership for running Auto LPG Dispensing Station under the scheme applied for. The dealer will also deposit the security amount of Rs.5,00,000/- (Rupees five lac) only which is refundable with simple interest at the rate of 8% per annum at the time of termination of deal.

28. After getting payment of security deposit, the company will issue the receipt of security deposit and execute the agreement with the dealer and issue appointment letter with statutory documents (D-39) and dealership certificate to run the ALDS and advise him to display the documents at his office and send his representative to start publicity campaign as per guidelines of the company.

29. After receiving license from zonal office of the C.C.O.E the company will hand over the copy of the same to dealer and advise him to place order of Auto LPG with payment to company. On receipt of Auto-LPG at site, the trial run will be started and company will coordinate the dealer for opening ceremony.

30. After successful trial, the dealer will plan opening ceremony with the company & launch publicity programme to increase the sale in the area. Further the dealer will place order as per his requirement before three days by making payment to company by RTGS so that pump can run smoothly. It should keep in mind that minimum stock for three days should be available at site subject to availability of license capacity.

However, in case of any problem which has not been sorted out by the business executive of his area, he should contact the business head at his mobile no. 9310713015.

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